Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alien Kemur

DSC03252 DSC03253
This Bare Model figure was a mail away offer from Hyper Hobby Magazine released in 2000, stands around thirteen inches tall and came with
a ferris wheel & mini-kemur seijin just like in classic UltraQ scene.

The mysterious Kemur Seijin ( ケムール人 ) or Kemurujin or Kemur-being, first appeared on the screen in 1966's UltraQ ( ウルトラQ )series, this alien had one of the most weird but cool designs, especially the head, with 3 eyes, 2 infront and 1 behind, one of my favourites though.....

DSC03250 DSC03251
Here is a Purple Marmit standard sized Kemur Seijin, kinda nice colour scheme and with the straight standing pose perfect for displaying with your Yamanaya Ultras.

Kemur also made a very brief appearance in 1967’s Ultraman Episode #33 “The Forbidden World”,after being summoned by the evil Mephilas Seijin...
Though Kemur II was on screen for about 2 seconds the first time iwe ever see him in color

For Ultraman’s final episode Episode #39 ” Farewell Ultraman” ,
apparently the producers decided to bring Kemur Seijin back renamed as Zton Seijin (the very alien controlling Zton) and not as a Giant Alien terrorizing the cities, he's back as a sabotuer alien disguised as human being and when the ultra-team found out, we get to see Kemur Seijin's head in a suit running away.


whats a Kanegon?


Kanegon ( カネゴン ), one of the most popular  kaiju from the vintage 1966's tokusatsu TV series Ultra Q ( ウルトラQ ) Kanegon appeared in Episodes #15 Kanegon's Cocoon. Here's a standard sized 9" Yamanaya Kaiju Box Kanegon Vinyl figure.
DSC03458 DSC03459
The story is bizarre and surreal with some good lessons in life. A giant monster who has large clam-shaped purse head with zippered mouth and loves to eat coins. Kanegon stands 2 meters in height and weighs 200kgs, this monster didn't become a giant and smashed cities.
DSC03460 DSC03461
The story revolves a small boy who doesn't save money, oneday wakes up as Kanegon and has to eat coins to survive. Making him more thrifty after the ordeal. Though he assume everything was ok, he then realised his parents also became kanegons....
DSC03462 DSC03455
Kanegon's not the coolest monster around but he's easily the most iconic and famous monster in Japan tokusatsu history.

Whats Ultraman without the monsters....

GODZILLA!!! Not really....even worst..Kaijus unleashed......
" Kaijus" translates to monsters in Japanese. Japan is the actual origins of these monsters that captured my soul when I was just 7 years old. Every Ultraman episode, I've ever watched, i was always looking forward to the monster that he will be battling with, yup, everybody loves a hero, but a show without the villains...

  Bemular, the first monster to appear in the series, this is a very 'Horny' T-rex type of monster, one of my personal favourites.

 Baltan Seijin, the alien species who planned to conquer Earth is one of the most popular and widely known monster which looks like some kind on giant lobster. This is another one of the classics.

 Neronga, the horned Electricity eating monster is quite cool, looks like a gigantic horned toad, this monster walks on 2 legs and can become invisable.

 The Giant Ragon is a ocean dwelling monster that terrorizes the fishing ships along the bay, looking the sea creature from the movies.

  Gesura or King Carp monster is a Japanese Urban legend, also a sea monster which looks like a giant fish

 Antlar terrorizes a native village that worships a Ultraman like statue. Stays in the sand dunes and has giant pincers on its head. Very Cool, man

 Redking, a monster that appeared more than once in the series, a Godzilla look alike with ring like armor is a cult figure among all the others, another of my favourites...

 Known as Peguilas in UltraQ, Chandlar is a UltraQ monster taken and reused only difference is the ears. A Bat-like monster killed by Redking in the series.

 Magura a underground digging monster with a thorny back.

 Pigmon or Garamon is a good monster which Ultraman didn't fight. One of the most popular and highly adored character due to its cuteness. It kinda looks like a walking Raspberry.

 Gabora is one cool monster, the flower like things around the head is suppose to close up and cover the head so he can go underground....

 A mad scientist found an egg which became Ziras or Jiras , basically a Godzilla with a attached fan on the neck, the vinyl is a tough one to get.

 A magical monster from outer space and could change
 to anything, Gyango, is one cool monster that gave Ultraman a hard time.

 The Mummy monkey monster is one of few that wasn't issued as a toy, but the storyline was good though.

 Dodongo a legendary dragon, destroys the nearby town, this one has a very nice story and I have yet to get the toy. I really love this monster...

 Pestar a twin starfish like monster with a bat-like head, devours oil and spits fire.....

 Gamakujira , a monster who ate pearls and has a long tongue to do so.

 Gavadon in first stage is harmless when school children realise the strange creature nearby...
 Here's Gavadon in his evolved form, devestates the nearby town where he was discovered.

 An outer space Alien Zarab seijin,  creates a Evil Clone to fight Ultraman.

Here's Imit Ultraman, the evil clone with powers to match Ultraman.

 Dorako kicked some serious monster butt, He fought with Redking and was victorious.

 Kemura, a mysterious monster with releases a strange gas from its tail.

A sudden earthquake in the city, was actually the mighty Teresdon moving below it. A armored crocodilian Monster, this is one the classic monsters from Ultraman.

Thats enough for now, there's alot more that i can tell u all about but i'll continue next time. Go check out the classic tv series on DVD or any of the Ultraman websites. The monsters are very cool and the stories evolved to the present movies we watch go check them out.....

Its Ultraman once more.....

um To distinguish him from subsequent Ultra Warriors, Ultraman is referred to as the original Ultraman (初代ウルトラマン Shodai Urutoraman), the first, Ultraman Hayata (a reference to his  human host's surname) or as simply as just Ultraman.
This being one of the numerous post on Ultraman that I've posted, guess I'm always repeating about its origin or basic info, to some it may be quite irritating, so I'll skip the facts and just carry on with the blog.
Yes, I've gotten this recently at one of the Plaza Sing shops, Bandai's Action Heroes Series Ultraman, and being the first Ultraman, I gotta have it...
The box is a plain window with a golden anniversary sticker. Here's some pics of the toy outta the box.
DSC04830 DSC04832 DSC04831

More poses and pics with the rest of the collection.
DSC04882 DSC04887
 Still has some decent poses, but the spectrum pose was out of the question as there wasn't any extras fists or hands. Well, there was still some decent poses that could be achieved...
DSC04881 DSC04894
 Not too bad for the sculpting, most likely taken from the Chogokin molds, the sound effect was quite a good touch though its only 1 sound. This is cheaper alternative for the chogokin Ultramans that Bandai created....
So what are you guys waiting for????

GO GET him!!! or just stare at the pics.....