Friday, November 18, 2011

Jungle Fury with Geki Power!!

With the Power Rangers Samurai no airing on local tele and overwhelming abundancy of toys from the series, some local toy shops are also selling Jungle Fury Megazords are great sale prices.

Recently, I've gotten these.

Jungle Master Megazord or Geki fire which was sold at $40 SGD at Chinasquare Central.

And if you think that was a good price, not too long ago, Jungle Pride Megazord here was SGD$23.00 (YES, $23 SGD) at OG departamental stores islandwide.
And to round it off, some Jap Geki Ranger Zords which are shockingly compatible with the US counterparts.

One of my faves, Geki-wolf.

Geki-Shark, I'm quite keen on Geki-bat and maybe just maybe, I may complete the line.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Sundays haul

Another nice Sunday with more stuff I've gotten while shopping around.
Though it's been kinda late for the release of the Power rangers Samurai or Samurai Sentai Shinkengers (released in 2009) to be released here (which is now 2011) in Singapore (and usually it's always late for most stuff to get here), anyways, they are finally here, the Powerrangers Samurai Megazords or Samurai Gattai Origamis toys with also the Tv series hitting us every weekend mornings, these toys are a sure hit.

Current sales trend in Singapore departmental stores, usually within 2-3 months after the hype of the franchise has slowed down, the toys will be severely marked down and thrown into discount baskets, knowing that, I've decided to get them anyways. The basic Samurai Megazord and Clawzord were SGD$69.90 each, not too bad given the fact as the previous PR Rpm megazords were SGD$79.90 each.

The bad news, it seems that certain Samurai series toys and action figures have ridiculed marked up and out of the norm retail prices, the auxilliary zords were SGD$32.90 each (totalling to 4 zords) even though they came with 4" mini figures of the Power Rangers, the 8" action figures were SGD$27.90 each and 4" ones at SGD $14.90 each, seriously, the price was too much for me to handle.

I guess the auxilliary zord will the ones that I will be wait for. (to be thrown into discount bins that is)

Besides Rangers, I also gotten thunder thunder, thunder cats woOoOoooOOHOOOOOOOO Bandai 10" action figure of Lion-O from the classic 80s animation from the local toy shop.

Another excellent action figure, highly recommended, I will do another detailed review of them soon....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 3

Like many sentai mechas, the main mecha combines with other mechas to form a devastating super mecha or Ultrazord. Gosei Great and Gosei Ground can be combined to form Ground Gosei Great.
Ground Gosei Great Combanation!!

Ground Gosei Great is quite big mecha whenn combined. Articulation remains the same as upper torso is basically formed by Gosei Ground. The tip of its weapon, the Gosei Lancer can be mounted with quite a number of headers to perform various techniques that amplify Skick, Landick, or Seaick abilities.

Though Ground Gosei Great is pretty much a part formed mecha, the overall size just makes it impressive in any collection.  

And of course, you merge all of them to form Mystic Ground Gosei Great!

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 1B

Landic Brothers
The Landick Brothers are a trio of ground Headers that are able to combine onto Gosei Great.

Landic trio comprises of Kuwaga header (Stag Beetle), Sai header (Rhino) and Tyranno Header (T-rex).

Landic Gosei Great Combination

Landic Gosei Great

Landic Gosei Great combines the 3 landic headers, swapping away Tiger and Snake header while Kuwaga header becomes a new head.
Not a bad combo, the new head adds a new character but there's no way to store away the extra headers.

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 2

Next up in the Gosei Machines, Gosei Ground. Comprising of 3 headers, Gosei Groundion and Knight brothers, Sealeon and Skyon.

Groundion header also transforms in Gosei Knight.
Groundion header combines with a dump truck and becomes Groundion which is Gosei Knights main mecha.

This header combines with a cruise ship to become Sealeon.

Combining with a blimp, the header becomes Skyon. My skyon has a pair of wings missing, I bought it as it is.

Tenson Combination Gosei Ground!

Gosei Ground has both land sea and air capabilties, this combination looks not too bad, porpotion are alright, I don't really dig the head dress though, articulation is limited to the arms just like Gosei Great.

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 1A

Mystic Brothers

Mystic brothers comprises of Ostrich runner and egg header, the egg header splits into 2 to form 2 headers.
The ostrich looks really neat, and yes, it's the first time there's an ostrich.

Mystic Brothers combination

Combining with the Mystic Brothers, Gosei Great becomes Mystic Gosei Great.
The Mystic Runner attaches to Gosei Great's left shoulder and the two halves of the Egg Headder attach to its feet, forming a shoulder-mounted flail.

The Mystic brothers set is more like a weapon attachment set then recreating a new mecha. This is combination is lacking but still has some nice playabilty.

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 1

  Here's another sentai series with another big mecha. Since 2010, Tensou Sentai Goseigers is one of the few Sentai series that we have yet to get a Bandai America treatment. Though I didn't really catch all the episodes, I managed to recently acquired a Japanese Gosei machines set at a bargain price.

First up is the first main mecha, Gosei Great.

The Gosei Headers are used to summon the Gosei machines,  when the headers attached themselves to various vehicles to become Gosei machines.
Gosei Great comprises of 5 mechas which combine to form one robot.

Gosei Dragon header combines with a airliner to form Gosei Dragon which is control by Gosei Red.

Gosei Blue's header combines with a submarine to become Gosei Shark.

Gosei Pink's header combines with a fighter jet to become Gosei Phoenix.

Combining with a bulldozer, Gosei Yellow's header becomes Gosei Tiger.

Gosei Black's header merges with a Bullet train to become Gosei snake.

                                             "TENSOU GATTAI GOSEI GREAT-TO!!"

Not a bad robot mode, nicely porpotioned and like most sentai robos, articulation is limited. Gosei Great only has arm articulation and the tail and neck of Gosei Dragon form the Dragon sword.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fansproject Causilty CA-05 Backfiery (Not Kickback)

Finally, I finally got the final figure of the Not-insecticon team by the Causality line by Fansproject. CA-05 BackFiery or effectionately known as Kickback by G1 fans. As most of us Transformers fans remembered the Insecticons as these trio of energon raving, bug transfoming army of drones, Fansproject has done it again by giving us another excellent revamp of the classic threesome.
Seriously, after opening the toy, this has to be the best releases to date though the insect mode is not something to brag about, the robot mode is really superb with real excellent articulation and poseabilty.
 It's a real nicely done representation of the insecticons though Im not really drawn to the back story of each of them. All and all, If you're a G1 fan or really love cool robots, this one is worth checking out, to me, highly recommended unless you're on really tight budget as these guys don't come cheap.

(added reprolabel's Decepticon insignias)

And I have to give props to the place I got them from, real cool toyshop with lotsa cool stuff.

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Do check them out!!