Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 3

Like many sentai mechas, the main mecha combines with other mechas to form a devastating super mecha or Ultrazord. Gosei Great and Gosei Ground can be combined to form Ground Gosei Great.
Ground Gosei Great Combanation!!

Ground Gosei Great is quite big mecha whenn combined. Articulation remains the same as upper torso is basically formed by Gosei Ground. The tip of its weapon, the Gosei Lancer can be mounted with quite a number of headers to perform various techniques that amplify Skick, Landick, or Seaick abilities.

Though Ground Gosei Great is pretty much a part formed mecha, the overall size just makes it impressive in any collection.  

And of course, you merge all of them to form Mystic Ground Gosei Great!

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