Friday, December 31, 2010

Dairugger XV

Kikou Kantai Dairugger XV ( 機甲艦隊ダイラガーXV ) was an animation series from 1982. After the Golion or Voltron force, US adapted Dairugger and became part of the Voltron series as Vehicle Voltron.  Heres a model kit version of the classic robot which I found at local flea market, too lazy to airbrush and the panels lines are a pain, well, after completion, It looks like any candy toy we usually get.

The 15 vehicles merge to form a super robot. Consisting of Air Team, Sea Team, Land Team.
Too bad this set doesn't include its signature weapons maily the sword and the propellers of the Copters are not detachable.
Dairugger looks blockish and has minimal articulation, so if you're lookin for eye candy, this guy won't come close...

Hame Hami HA!!

Since the disappointing Dragonball movie, thank god, the original anime still hits a chord in our lives.

Here he is again, Son Goku in Super Saiyan form from the Banpresto DX series.
DSC05171 This is a pre-painted hard pvc figure, real easily assembled and has a black stand.
DSC05175 DSC05187
Details not too bad and has some weight to it since its solid pvc. Stands roughly 8 inches tall from base to tip of its hair.
DSC05177 DSC05178
DSC05179 DSC05183 Though with the lack of poseabilty, the figure is already done in a classic dynamic pose on it's own and with a low price tag, this maybe a good figure to display for the budget collector, this is certainly something for all Dragonball Z fans.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


DSC05197 Last weekend, I got these 2 transfoming beast at a amazing price too. They were at clearance at OG. Yep, only reason that I got em!!

From the Digimon Data Squad cartoon series comes these 2 digivolving digimons. Rizegreymon( left ) and MachGaogamon ( Right). Able to transform into their evolved forms.
RizeGreymon is a perfect or Ultimate level form digimon. Evolves from GeoGreymon. His first appearance is in Digimon Savers episode 13 from Masaru Digisoul that he want to protect everyone. GeoGreymon awaken and turn to RizeGreyon to fight with Garudamon. 
DSC05161  DSC05162
DSC05167 DSC05164
MachGaogamon specializes in speedy "hit-and-run" attacks and is equipped with two jet-boosters on his back which enable him both to fly and to gain incredible speed while attacking. Quite similar to the previous WereGarurumon, though instead of a plain leather belt. Evolves from Gaogamon and is also a Ultimate digimon.
DSC05200 DSC05204
Not too bad on the transforming but they kinda looked deformed in certain ways, other than that, decent posing and sculpting, since they are on sale..the question is Why not? RizeGreymon is a prefered choice though.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daivoyager Machines

From the Denji Sentai Megarangers series, here's the second set of Megazords from the series, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger.

Wasn't a big fan of the series' first Megazord but the this one really captured my eye, for those completists, I know the other one really was the main Robot in the show, appearing in most of the episodes in the series, this one came in the later or should I say ending episodes, had a more typical power rangerish feel, being 5 vehicles and trademark colour theme of each ranger.
DSC05088 DSC05090

This is a simple set with real easy transformations. Not really easy to find these days but they loose sets often comes up on ebay quite often. First up, is the Mega Voyager set.
Rovoyager-1 (Red Megaranger)
Shuttle Voyager-2 (Black Megaranger)
Rocket Voyager-3 (Blue Megaranger)
DSC05109 DSC05112
Saucer Voyager -4 (Yellow Megaranger)
Tank Voyager-5 (Pink Megaranger)
Rovoyager-1 on rocket voyager-3 for deep space travel.
As you all know, the voyager machines could combine to form 1 ultimate robot! Mega Voyager!
DSC05134 DSC05122
Mega-winger (Silver Megaranger)
DSC05086 DSC05087
Mega-winger Jet Mode
Mega-winger Robot Mode
 Mega-winger's wings could be attached to Mega Voyager for flight capabilities.
Winged Mega Voyager

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gold Lightan in Silver

Here's another Gold Lightan from the Bandai Soul of Chogokin series, the limited Silver version, GX-32SB, exactly like GX-32, the silver version is just silver....
Actually released together with the Black version, I manage to get a silver one alone off ebay, yup, just the silver one. Personally, if you're a completist another Gold Lightan won't hurt, to me, Gold and Silver kinda goes real well. So there we go, the reason to get another one.
DSC03974 Solid transformation, compact and full of diecast, 90% metal parts, came with 6 fists and covers for the robot mode, there's also a damaged heart mechanism when Gold lightan battles other enemies. Poseabilty is good for all the dynamic poses....
DSC04015 gx32sb
DSC04013 DSC04014

The stand holds all the accessories when he transforms into lightan mode. If you have GX-32, 32SB is another good addition to any chogokin collection.Yup, whats better than gold? Silver as in Silver Gold Lightan.....
DSC04002 DSC04006

The animation is not too bad, but now that Im all grown-up, only a handful of episodes attract me.....the rest kinda is hypnotic at night...