Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DC Superheroes Gotham City villains The Penguin

Its either you hate him or love him, yes, from the depths of Gotham's underworld, The Penguin, although shadowed by infamous Joker for many years, The Penguin was one of Batman's classic foes.
After work, I had some spare time, so picked this up from some second-hand shop, with banged up box, this penguin seemed unwanted.

I wasn't disappointed at all, only due to the fact, he had his body painted white to mimick his smart shirt. New sculpt for the body and legs was the plus points of the figure. The lack of details on the costume are the minus points.

Well, they gave us 2 nicely painted plastic penguins too, so it isn't half as bad. Maybe one day, with the left over guns or missiles, I might revamp the oversized birds ala Batman returns.
The figure still looks great in display, as for poses, that's as much as I can do for now. The coat doesn't really cover the belly, I used a black rubber band to secure it, maybe a button should be there to secure it. Penguin really needs a tailor.

Well, that's all for now till next time....waugh waugh....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

C307 Ginrai & C309 God Bomber

One of my childhood toys, here's another blast from the past and yes, it's another transformer, affectionately known as Powermaster Optimus Prime, the Japanese animation Super God master force was the first to hit me, so I would still prefer the Japanese name, Super Ginrai or Jinrai.

Being reissued in 2002, I still got my hands on a vintage set though the reissue is much more cheaper these days.
The set is not that rare as to say the other rare ones (to me it has to be Liokaiser which I'm still trying to find) but this Prime hit me in the sentimental way, due to fact it was the very first robot my dad got for me. 
Ok sentiments aside, here's the box of both of them.
First up, Ginrai.

And God Bomber

The box has a real retro feel, the bio card, tech specs and the red tech spec reader, makes me feel like Im a kid again....
Next up, opening the toy, here's Optimus Prime which looks much similar to the G1 Prime but the transformation slightly differs. This version still has diecast parts.

Now for the trailer which transforms into a base and also merges with Optimus to form his powerup mode.

And we can't forget Godbomber....the only thing I don't like about him, is he's a parts former, those robots you have to disassemble to transform, the only thing great, is he merges with Ginrai to form God Ginrai.

And of course, the merging of all of them together, Super God Ginrai.

With Junkion Blacksmith's JB-01 Justice leader, which transforms into an Optimus prime head, making him a powermaster and a headmaster!!

Well that's it for now, until then, till all are one...