Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DC Superheroes Gotham City villains The Penguin

Its either you hate him or love him, yes, from the depths of Gotham's underworld, The Penguin, although shadowed by infamous Joker for many years, The Penguin was one of Batman's classic foes.
After work, I had some spare time, so picked this up from some second-hand shop, with banged up box, this penguin seemed unwanted.

I wasn't disappointed at all, only due to the fact, he had his body painted white to mimick his smart shirt. New sculpt for the body and legs was the plus points of the figure. The lack of details on the costume are the minus points.

Well, they gave us 2 nicely painted plastic penguins too, so it isn't half as bad. Maybe one day, with the left over guns or missiles, I might revamp the oversized birds ala Batman returns.
The figure still looks great in display, as for poses, that's as much as I can do for now. The coat doesn't really cover the belly, I used a black rubber band to secure it, maybe a button should be there to secure it. Penguin really needs a tailor.

Well, that's all for now till next time....waugh waugh....

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