Tuesday, September 18, 2012

S.I.C customs Part 2

Yeap, more superb customizing from Mr Henry aka hwong40k once again.
Check these pics out.

Straight out of the Hibiki Movie, here's a SIC Masked Rider Hibiki Warring State 7 Sword version (using a regular hibiki body, recoloured and retooled with parts from a certain Spawn figure)

SIC Masked Rider Leo-Taiga Survive mode (using a SIC Masked Rider Taiga body) pictured with Taiga for comparison.

Stay tuned for more cool customizations.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai 12" Shogun Battlized Ranger

Guess what I've got, an early Birthday present from one of my best pals. From the Power rangers Samurai line, the 12 inch Shogun Battlized Red Ranger.
The new waves of Power Ranger Samurai figures will be arriving quite soon which includes a
4 inch scale of the Red Shogun Ranger, so for collectors who isn't into 12 inch figures, this figure may not interest you.

All current re-releases of this figures features a removeable helmet to reveal Jayden, personally, I prefer the first released ones which had the non removeable masks.

The figures doesn't have the best articulation comparing to ShFiguarts or Project BM figures but it has it where it counts, the scupting is not too bad too.

The only thing that I dislike about this figure is the weapon it came with, the samuraizer is not in scale to figure. Slightly oversized for my taste. And the lack of Bullzooka, kinda wished it had a super combined weapon for the shogun mode too.

Besides the minor downside, the armor that it came with makes this a real cool figure to have in your collection if you dig Samurai-ish Shogun warriors. Looks nice with all the megazords too.

Overall another cool figure from the Power Rangers Samurai line.