Thursday, February 17, 2011


Robots in Disguise!! after the success of Beast wars, Car Robots series (also as known  as RID, Robots in Disguise) revived our love for Transforming cars once more.
And what's better then a transformer, 3 transformers or let me be more specific, 3 transformers that merge into 1, also affectionately also known as gestalts or combiners, robots that merge into a bigger robot.
Thats about it about the introductions.

Here it is, Sonokong / Takara RID C-015 JRX Giftset, the boxart is much similar to the Japan version, manufactured by Takara but was released in Korea under Sonokong. This is an exact duplicate of the Takara version, the Sonokong version cheaper an alternative from the Japan version, quality of toy is much similar too.

In train mode, the Rail Racer team or Cybertron Team Shinkansen in Japan are Bullet trains mainly found in Japan. Their vehicle mode are fairly detailed and have clear windows while the hasbro version had their windows painted in.

C-012 Railspike is a 500 Series Shinkansen Nozomi Bullet Train and is the team leader of Team Shinkansen comes with a gun that has a light-up barrel.

Railspike's Robot mode still has all the basic articulation, mainly ball joints much similar found in  Beastwars figures. The only flaw is the head, which is kinda annoying to get out.

C-013 Rapid Run
is a 700 Series Shinkansen Rail Star Bullet Train, comes with a gun and a shield.

Rapid Run is one my personal favorites among the whole set.
I think mainly because he has more porportionate robot mode, slick transformation and has lotsa wicked poses. His only flaw was his gun was really weak and looked like a long stick rather then a gun, it was also a projectile with the shield.

C-014 J-4 Midnight Express
is an E-4 Max Shinkansen Bullet Train. J-4 comes with a gun that can launch a missile, which will combine with the rest of the team's weapons to form JRX's gigantic gun.

Midnight Express is the biggest of the 3 and also due to the fact is he forms the legs, in robot mode, his legs are really huge. He still does some decent poses.

And the moment, you all have been waiting for, combination of all 3 trains.
JRX or Railracer in RID series.

Overall, Railracer still retains all the poseabilty and articulation, all the smaller guns also merge to form a big gun, the head sculpt is real nice, with a clear blue visor, though the actual combination hinders the actual articulation on the arms, just a slight change in the directions on Rapid Run's legs and you got real cool robot. 
Takara does not release many gestalts made of 3 robots, besides Road ceasar and Brave Series combiners thus makes Railracer a must-have for any transformer lover.
If you missed out on the Japan releases of C-015 JRX giftset or Hasbro RID versions, then get your hands on this before they speed away like bullets....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hasbro Transformers Generations Red Alert

Autobots ROLL out! Yes another day another Transformer, picked up this baby from my nearby deparment stores, sad to say, there wasn't any sale or clearance but I've always wanted Red Alert and Tracks and Wheeljack and ok, that's abit too much info, anyways, back to the Transformers Generations Red Alert, another classic character brought back to us once again, revamped and remolded.

The packaging is the same ol' carded blister depicting graphics from the dreamwave comic book art of Red Alert. He comes packed in vehicle mode. On the back, his bio-spec and a brief description of Red Alert. Not much changes from his vintage tech spec.

Here he is out of the package, in car mode, details are nicely done with printed decals instead of the classic sticker, I actually prefer this way as stickers tend to come off in time.

One thing I noted was the engine on the top, I kinda prefer the car mode without the engine, much similar to its original counterpart as he had the same mold as Sideswipe. The engine part can transform and attach to his gun making a bigger gun for Red Alert.

Transformed, Red Alert is real nice robot, porpotioned and has a wide range of articulation. Mainly ball joints on the arms, thighs and feet. Although the lower legs are hollow behind, this also allows him to bend his needs more for more dynamic poses.

Red Alert is nice addition to any Transformer fan, if you love the G1 characters and still prefer the old classic cartoon, Red Alert still captures the classic character and has a decent transformation, for those who hate Transformers who are like a jigsaw cum Rubik cube, Red Alert is not too complicated and has a slick car mode.

Monday, February 14, 2011

DC Retro action Superheroes wave 3 Flash

Another figure from the DC retro action Superheroes wave 3. Here's the Flash, though when the preview of the figures a few months back was released, featured a different headsculpt, to my disappointment, the actual one sold in the market is much different.

Flash features the same spandex suit with his classic lightning bolt insignia and with new improved body used, the hunchback syndrome is the thing of the past. Articulation is similar to the other figures from the line.

The only thing I dislike about the figure is the headsculpt, doesn't look as slick as I would hope it to be. The details on the boots are one the plus sides of this figure. Other then the sculpting of the head, everything else is still kinda cool.

I think if I personally wanted to change something (besides the head scuIpt), I guess it would the hands, Flash doesn't come with any accesories, so making fists would be more appropriate for posing and bashing villains.

Well, Flash isn't a bad figure besides me whining here and there, overall, he's still a nice figure to complete your set.
Get him now before he disappears in a flash, puns up, hopefully I can find a cheetah that doesn't deformities on her face....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

DC Retro action Superheroes wave 3 Captain Cold

Next Figure from the Wave 3 of the DC Retro action line is non other then Flash's arch enemy, Captain Cold. Honestly, Captain Cold is my personal favourite from the whole set. Read on.....
Unlike the other figures, Captain Cold suit isn't spandex, too my surprise, it was another unearthy kinda material, now that's attention to detail, Mattel really did this one right.

Besides the obvious, the boots, holster and Freeze gun was done just nice too, instead of updated versions, retro action version of Captain Cold is well retro too, instead of a grey freeze gun or belt/holster, they were done in the retro yellow coloured belt/holster and a magenta coloured freeze gun.

The head-sculpt is great, I just love the smirk on his face, capturing the classic villain and the details on the suit is just perfect. This is one figure that really hit my superhero...erm..super-villain gspot.

If the other figures from this wave didn't do much justice to the characters, Captain Cold sure did, Mattel nailed it! Though I was actually more eager awaiting Flash and wonderwoman to form some Justice team and have a superhero battle royal, right now, I guess its gonna be a rogue's gallery with the top villains thrashing the superheroes, ok, Im just kidding, back to the point, Captain Cold is one of the figures from the wave that is highly recommended.

Transformers Henkei Hound

Back with the retro characters, the Transformers Henkei series released all our beloved characters from Transformers Generation 1, old characters with a brand new sculpt but still retaining the same characteristics. Enough of the introduction, recently, I gotten this, C-13 Autobot Hound, chief tracker and scout for Optimus Prime.
Autobot Hound packs some of the most sophisticated sensing technology of any of the Autobots. He is capable of tracking even the most stealthy and light-footed Decepticon– namely Ravage through rivers, across bare rock, and even through the air by the spare whisper of electromagnetic radiation the robot panther leaves behind. Though Ravage can hide almost perfectly in even the slightest shadow, no amount of skill can prevent Autobot Hound from finding him.

The original 1984 tech spec shown below. 
Autobot Tracker Hound
"Observe everything, remember even more."

Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Brave, fearless, loyal. Secretly desires to be human. Uses turret gun as radar scope, infrared radiation collector. Tracks machines as well as humans. Hologram gun projects 3-dimensional grid laser-light topographical maps. Vulnerable to thermal and electromagnetic interference.

The vehicle mode is an updated Jeep much like the original version. The Jeep is slick and really detailed, with a chrome bumper and blue windscreens. The back compartment has two moveable pegs to carry ravage in cassete mode.

Now here's the fun part, yes, you can insert the transformation sounds here, simple transformation and lots of articulation namely ball-joints are all over the place making Hound a nice additon to your collection.

The head sculpt still captures the essence of the classic animation, if you love the original Tranformers of the 80's, Hound here is a updated blast from the past.

Hound also came with a oversized Decepticon cassette Ravage who transforms into a black jaguar.

Ravage's transformed mode is not too bad looking, still looks like the old ravage, and the good news, he fits into the old soundwave too, bad news, ravage is lack of articulation on his legs so he's kinda limited to that few poses.

This set is loaded with play value, I've been playing with Hound for a few days now and still love them to the bone. Being only $24.90 SGD, All in all, Hound's a value for money and real nice decent Transformer to have.