Monday, November 8, 2010

Marmit Monster Heaven Seabozu

Recently I was searching on Ebay for more Ultraman monsters and look what I found. Its one them that I wanted. So I buy my time waiting and watching.... the auction, till it was time.... I won it and it cost me $49 USD for a Marmit 2004 reissue of a 1966 monster.  It was a very happy day for me. Today it finally arrived....Whooo
Before i got it, I saw one at Clarke Quay, which was abit over priced at $170 Sgd. Honestly, I would have shelled out that amount money for it but I guess, I didnt recall that much info on it at that moment.
When I was home I checked out its background and story of the monster. When I was small, i remebered i used a marker or liquid paper to make boney markings onto a lame dinosaur figurine to make myself a Seabozu. Actual colors were white and black, with the white parts supposedly Bone structure, the toy which was the vintage colors, is a silverished blue with gold horns....

Seabozu, that was the name, it doesnt live in the sea though like its named suggested, here's a brief info and pics of the monster:

It was said that Ultraman killed dozens of monsters, rumored that some of  the spirits lingered, a mad priest then gathered all the spirits: Gamora, Baltan, Kemular, to name a few.... and made SEABOZU to revenge thier deaths. This was quite a interesting episode ( Go check The 60s Ultraman shows...  )

...It was suppose to be a hollow boney monster with no eyes, an avenging spirit, Seabozu was a very cool monster, not the usual stomping and destroying of cities, it has a goal, to destroy Ultraman and what it stood for.... this is one cool monster and my lastest addition to my collection.......the hunt is still on......

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bclub Bullmark Vakishimu

I just love Ultraman Ace's monsters, love the designs, heres one of them, good ol' Vakishim is another super beast created by the Alien Yapool. Vakishim's powers include organic missiles, a horn missle, and a fire stream from its mouth.
Vakishim first appeared in the 3rd episode of Ultraman Ace series, the monster appeared at the base of Mt. Fuji.
Vakishim was a force to be reckon with even for the TAC team, until Ace appeared and used his Ace Slash to cut its head off.

Pictured is a Standard sized 9" bullmark reissue of Vakishim.

Slightly resembles Daiku Maryu in some ways, oh well, Im a fan of both of em.....

Feel the sting...

The upcoming remake of the classic Tv series The Green Hornet into full length feature film stars Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet and Jay Zhou as Kato, also co- starring Camaroon Diaz as lenore Case. My guess is as good as yours, taking a classic tv character and putting into the big screens only reminds us of all the Batman movies, nevertheless, Green Hornets still on the wish list for movie goers...
(Pictured Seth Rogen/ Green hornet and
Jay Zhou as Kato)
Rumored to be released in Jan 2011, Im eagerly awaiting its release, full history, due to fact that I watched the tv series while I was alot younger.

Jay will be one to fill in big shoes for Kato ( Originally played by Bruce Lee)
As u guys can remember the iconic Bruce lee's martial art background and style, now thats gonna be some pressure on Jay.

Now the right time to get our hands on some green hornet figures before they become outstandingly over priced. Sure there will be movie renditions of the duo, but nothing beats the classics.

My recommendation is the Medicom RAH 220 Green Hornet & Kato 2 pack.

The bad news about this set is that Green Hornet lacks some assesories, mainly Green Hornets gun and Katos Nunchucks.....looking beyond that, the figures are top notched, from the retro looking sculpts to the poseability, $80 for 2 figures, hell, why not.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

GX-59 Daltanius

Soul of Chogokin GX-59 Daltanius Scheduled to be released April 2011

DC Retro Action heroes

Yeah, remembering the Mego times when you're alot younger? Fret no more, DC Universe Retro Action heroes brings us the same ol school clothed action figures with poseability like the good Mego figures.
Just like the The world's greatest heroes series, various characters are in the series.
                                                Wave 1


Lex Luthor                                     

Green Lantern                                 


Green Arrow (Website Exclusive)

Wave 2                         



Black Manta                               

Wave 3                   

Cheetar, Wonderwoman, the Flash and Capt Cold
(from left to right)

Wave 4
Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Darkseid and Shazam
(From left to right)

With the previously released Spiderman Origins 8" figures and Marvels Famous covers line, clothed action figures are redominating the market, these figures aren't the best around but its either you love em! or hate em, for me, Im loving em all!!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Ultraman Story (ウルトラマン物語 ) is a 1984 Japanese tokusatsu kaiju movie directed by Koichi Takano and produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Just like most Ultra shows in the 80s, monsters had always played a big part in shows for me.
Here's one of my faves, the one and only
Produced by MARUSAN and offered as an 2004 internet exclusive for the fans, this the closest to the 9 inch vinyl glory you get for this Kaiju.

Quite a nice mold, true to the actual monster from the movie in alot ways, though not much articulations ( head, arms and legs), Grand King makes up for size and details, theres small burn marks all over this body, just make it look old and metal-like.
The price is quite hefty price ( $170 usd ) for this piece but to fans its well worth it, Bandai could have done a Chogokin of this, similar to the 1975 Mecha Godzilla. Oh well, we just have to settle for Marusan.

They also released a clear phasing pink and clear version. Both were available through KaijuTaro.

The Light monster...

Another one of those obscure monster from the classic Ultraman series, Keera or Kira or Kiira or Kirla from Episode #38 The Spaceship Rescue Command ( 宇宙船救助命令 ) .
Pictured here is a Yamanaya KaijuBox Keera ( Black Version ), standard 9" tall and made of vinyl.
Brief info of the episode, the Science Patrol takes to the stars and learns that a missing piece of equipment could cause Space Station V2 to explode. After determining that the closest replacement is on a nearby planet, the Science Patrol makes an attempt to retrieve it..only to encounter a pair of ferocious monsters in their path. Keera and Saigo...


Go Nagai's Kotetsushin Jeeg takes place fifty years after the original 1975 Steel Jeeg animation and features a new cast of characters - primarily the new main character Kenji Kusanagi, a high school student and motorcycle racer who becomes Kotetsushin Jeeg to fight the sudden reappearance of Haniwa Phantom Gods or clay robots  from the Jamada Empire ruled by Queen Himika. Other characters include Tsubaki Tamashiro (granddaughter of Miwa Uzuki) and Kyo Misumi, Kenji's partners. Other main characters from the original series also appear again including the original Jeeg.
Though only 13 episodes this anime brings back the old Jeeg genre, revamped it and made it much slicker. Bandai Soul of Chogokin line brings us the steel God toy, GX-42 Kotetsushin Jeeg with real magnetic parts just like the original. 
The magnet robot features alot of similarities with original Jeeg with most of the accessories that appeared in the animation with the classic Soul of chogokin stand to display all the parts...

With 2 closed fists, it also comes with 4 extra fists, 2 open hands, 1 for holding his Jeeg Crusher and hell slap open hand. Total of 6 interchangable hands....
The parts are interchangeable via magnetic ball joints, that also makes for the ball-jointed articulation also.
Besides all the cool accessories, Jeeg also comes with 2 heads, a transformable head and another anime accurate one. The transformable head transforms into Raikoba, Kenji's motorbike.

The only bad news, Jeeg is kinda flimsy in posing and parts tend to come off when in play. No playable gimmicks and no Baruba (a huge white sabretooth tiger) to merge with, unlike the Original Steel Jeeg which came with Panzeriod, the Soul of chogokin version didn't release any other companion piece for GX-42 or have any plans to in the future.
Other than the minor flaws, he still looks cool and very slick in any chogokin display.....