Thursday, December 29, 2011

New TFCC figures 2012

For collectors who collects numorous recoloured remolded figures,
2012 will be another good year to do so.
Transformers collector's clubs offering Runamuck and Runabout (classics wheeljack mold with new heads) in all their classic colours.

For more details here's the link

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contructicons upgrades sets

Hey there once again, yes, it's the holidays and I'm on leave since last friday, relaxing and chilling at home is great but too much of it is just god damn boring, anyways, as most of you should have known, recently, there has been Transformers encore releases of the classic constructicon sets and to keep up with neo-image of our beloved classic characters from the original series, a number of upgrade sets has been coming up with upgrade sets to spice up our old G1 Devastator.

Here's a Generation 1 Devastator in IDW comics, staying true to the original 80s cartoon.

Transformers Encore Constructicons set


1) Crazy devy Construction brigade power-parts Upgrades

The slightly higher priced sets and sold individually, comes with lightup eyes with slight molding problems on the
thigh attachments.

2) Junkion Blacksmith #07 Power of destruction Encore Upgrade

Also comes with light up eye feature, comes with 2 heads, one G1 accurate, much similar to Crazy devys but cost much less and comes in 1 gift set.

3) CHMS XP-01 Add on kit
Much like Junkion Blacksmiths version with slight retooling on the hips and chest piece, same gimmicks, light up eyes and comes in one giftset. The cheapest of all sets available.

They are all good sets, I've yet to decide which set to take, most likely CHMS version as the quality is quite ok and pricewise the most economical, will definitely post up full review of the set when I get any of them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Energon Scorponok

Hey there folks, yes, I'm back again for another rant on Christmas eve, as we all know with Christmas around the corner, I was doing some spring cleaning and of course Christmas decorations, I happen to come across a dusty 7 year old Energon Scorponok Transformer hidden behind one of my shelfs.

I transformed it and the shoulder panels snapped. I didn't realise it first until when I moved the arms and find them rather looser then before.

As I know I'm not the first to encounter this problem so to everybody who has an Energon Scorponok and hasn't snapped theirs yet, DO take NOTE to transform the arms gently.

The problem is most like a design flaw and most of us has this problem but not to fret, I repaired mine.

Using the left-overs of a Generations Red Alert, I took the arms elbow hinges and attached them onto Scorponok's shoulders, glued on the remains of his existing shoulders and there he is.
Doesn't fit really flush and due to the weight of his gigantic claw arms, the joints are loose but he still transforms and has wider shoulders. Just in case, here's a side to side comparison below with the customized version on the right and regular one on the left.

The Alternate mode does suffer abit as the front pegs don't close in flushed leaving a small gap near the cockpit area.

Just another small modification and customisation, actually if the panels didn't crack I wouldn't have done anything to it. You can say it was more like repairing then customizing. Well, that's all for now, will be posting more figures, robots and updates soon.
Happy holidays fellow collectors!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Transformers Generations Wave 9

Due to the fact of the overflowing of Transformers Generations deluxe class figures still stuck at our local departamental stores, sad to say, wave 9 figures might not be hitting the friendly shores of Singapore.
Not the first case of toys not arriving here, I remember loads of action figures and Transformers too awhile back, examples, Armada Skywarp, Transformers animated Blackout, Yugioh Jumbo Obelisk the Tormentor, to name a few.... with the unlikelyhood of these figures appearing to any of our local departmental stores, collectors will have to shell-out a limb and hand for them.

Case assortment includes:
1 X Warpath
2 X Wheeljack
1 X Kup
2 X Skyshadow
2 X Junkheap

The ones to take note is the remolds of Wreckgar and Thunderwing or Junkheap and Skyshadow respectively, recoloured with new head sculps All and all, that's kinda like a bad news to me, was kinda looking forward to have another Junkion to add my collection, skyshadow isn't bad too, guess it's ebay time for me again.

Anyways, wrapping up another year of sweet plastic love, may all your dreams come true,
have a lovely Merry Christmas to all you fellow collectors out there.....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maketoys Battle Tanker aka Laser Optimus Upgrade

Eagerly awaited upgrade set by 3rd party company Maketoys has arrived, finally, your laser Prime has a trailer which converts into a battle station which doubles as a weapon armament which also beefs up your scrawny Prime with a new head, new arms and legs, a new gun and a new upgraded red translucent sinister red glowing "laser" sword., isn't that just Prime....

Available at
from 20/12/11

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Transformers DOTM sale items

Yes, finally the Transformers Dawn of the moon deluxe figures are on sale, prices slashed down more than 20% in most of the major departmental stores here but the mose significant price slashes has to be OG's sale, which had the deluxe figures going for $50 Sgd for any 3 thats $16.66666667 Sgd each.

The ones to grab first are as follows, Roadbuster, Sideswipe, Lunar Fire Optimus Prime (and yes, this exclusive is on sale too!) and laserbeak.
And the rest mainly, Bumblebee, Mudflap and redo-Ratchet are quite abundant.

Seriously, I recommend taking a look at some of them and remember the sale doesn't last forever...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brave Revival Legends Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode

Brave Revival Legends is a series of updated versions of the toy series that appeared in the "Brave Fighter" series telecasted for 8 years (1990-1998).
Using the same models, coloring and labels are more refined in this new re-issue.

Released by Takara in 2008, there were single boxed versions of BR- 02 Might Kizer,  BR-01 Might Gaine and BR-03 Might Gunner, BR-04 is the Gift set which consist of all three, nice packed in one huge box. I gave up searching for them one by one as I'm missing Might Gunner, so I sold off the 2 and gotten this instead and seriously this is one epic robot, simply love it to bits, if ain't a fan of vintage 80's design this isn't your cup of tea but if you are, this is a sweet topping for any collection.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Henkei Cheetor

Another lucking find from one of those shops with consignment items. Transformers Henkei series C-12 Cheetor, not a bad update to the original one released in 1996.
Really nice alternate mode and beside having a rather weak bot mode, the gold chrome on the head and weapons makes up for it.