Monday, April 1, 2013

Transformers KO Reflector

Here's one of the best knock offs around, the Reflector knock off, transformations and mold is identical to the original, the only difference is the lack of diecast and colours.
The bad new of this set is the crappy stickers it came with and the joints, pegs and peg holes needs some filing down to fit better but all in all, it's a great representation of the original reflector set.

Highly recommended set if you cant find the original Reflector or just love to have another wierdly coloured version or just a transformer fan, these sets go cheap and found them at the night bazaars with all the other wierd knock offs.

Power ranger Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord

Based of the Goseigers mechs, Power Ranger Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord is the adaptation of the Japan's Gosei Great.
Currently not released in Singapore, the Megaforce line will be due to be release in May 2013, I got mine through a good friend on Instagram.
I'm not going to do a review on the zords or the combined megazord but this time, I will talk more on the pros and cons of the American release version of Gosei great and the mods that will make the figure better.
First up the Red Dragon Mechazord, the paintwork on the American release is definitely inferior to the Japan released. So painting and adding details will make your set alot cooler.
The rest of the mechazords are lacking details too, here's a pic of the shark, phoenix, snake and sabretooth tiger.

The megazord's head is lacking quite a number of details too, inked in details on the face and added eyeliner on the eyes to make the eyes pop more.

Black washed the crest piece and belt piece to make it look more metalic.

Detailed the tail with silver sharpy and yes i don't have a gold one. The next thing to mod is the flimsy shaky connector joint pieces on the waist and shoulders.
The bad news is it takes abit of work, like dismantling the red dragon mechazord and layering out a few coats of nail polish on the connector pieces.

After all the mods, you have yourself a better Gosei Great Megazord, though not as good as the Japan version, this set is a Gosei great alternative. Price point is alot cheaper and lacks quite a number of detailed paint work with a quite a huge size difference. The zord bulder ports also allows for interaction with all Samurai zords for more play value.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beelzeboss Herioc Duo Upgrade Kit

Just gotten another Upgrade kit past few weeks ago, due to my busy work schedule, I didn't have time to post anything. I've gotten a bunch of Transformers Prime figures, all thanks to the clearance sales down here and a few old Brave series robots too. Updates aside, here's a 3rd party upgrade kit from a company called Beelzeboss, this set mainly focuses on the Transformers Henkei / Generations Sideswipe and Red Alert.

The set includes 2 guns and 2 shoulder cannons for both figures, pile driver fists for Sideswipe and the main attraction is the new head for Red Alert.
Installation is easy, clipping on the shoulder mounts and clipping in the shoulder cannons.
The pile drivers fit into each fist hole snugly. The only assembly required is the removing and reattaching of the screw from the old Red Alert Head and attaching the new head.

What you have is 2 beautifully updated G1 characters, overall, this is a great set costing only $35, you get a more accurate shoulder cannons and weapons for both figures, a accurate head for Red alert and accesories for Sideswipe.
The only downside is if you don't have the figures to begin with. Sideswipe can run quite abit nowadays and since the release of the Masterpiece version, prices for Henkei Sideswipe actually went up. Red Alert is relatively easier to find.
With this upgrade set, Sideswipe and Red Alert finally is complete.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transformers Armada TRU Japan Magna Convoy

Another lucky find from Ebay, at the mere fraction of the price, I finally got a Toys R Us exclusive Magna Convoy, a repainted Armada Convoy or Optimus Prime.
I didn't plan to get him, I was just browsing through Ebay and wham, I started to bid on it and won it at $25. Yes, a leader class toy at $25. Enough said, here's the pictures.
First up let's look at the Alternate mode, the semi-truck with trailer.
The cab actually came with clear smoke stacks which are missing on mine hence the cheap price, but still looks good without them.

As for the gimmicks, Magna Convoy or Armada Convoy has an auto-transfomation which is activated when you semi transform the cab section. The one I've got, has non-working electronics, so for transformation is all manual done which I'm fine with, I wasn't a big fan of the gimmick to begin with. 

The Cab section transforms into an Optimus Prime too. Just love the paintjob on this version. Red Eyes, red mouth plate and a off blue greyish hue on it's body.

The chest still has the matrix of leadership molded inside.

Magna Convoy also came with a minicon Sparkplug which was originally yellow but got repainted in Gold chromed. Similar transformation with nothing new added just repainted gold.

Time to form Super mode Optimus Prime. The cab and trailer combines together to form the super mode.

Wasn't a big fan of the first release of the Armada Optimus Prime but ever since I've gotten Magna Convoy, it really changed my mind.
Magna Convoy makes a real nice display, standing at 13 inches tall, he's just slightly smaller then Unicron.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Power Rangers Super Samurai 4'' Master Xandred

Though I'm not usually into collecting Power Ranger Villains, the nemesis of the Power Rangers Samurai was an exception. Menacing and really the look of pur evil made me pick this up without a thought.

Packed only 1 per case of 8, Master Xandred is a figure to hunt down if you're completing your set.

The figure has real nice scupt work but fails in the articulation department.
Due to armor and suit design, the movement in most area is severely hindered.
Unlike all the other regular Ranger figures from the line, Master Xandred only lacks wrists articulation, all the other joint are still present.

Black washed the details on the figure and the sword to make it less plasticy looking. All in all, a real nice figure to display with your other 4 inch figures from the line.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Power Rangers Super Samurai 4" Shogun Ranger

Happy new Year everybody, it's been awhile since I last posted, after a few months break from action figures, chogokins and Transformers, I'm back again with another Power Ranger Samurai figure blog.
After watching the Power Rangers Samurai on television, the newer season which is now call Power Rangers Super Samurai, the action figures and mechas that appeared in the series are almost complete.

Here's a picture of the 4 inch figures that I have. As for the last wave of the 4 inch line, the stores are either not bring them in or they have completely sold out, so recently, thanks to a friend I just made on instagram, I traded some Bandai monsters for a 4 inch Red Shogun Ranger to complete my collection.
Seriously, the Shogun ranger design has gotta be one of the best suits to date. The figures articulation is much like the other 4 inch figures release. The sculpting of the figure is good but the paint job could be better. Black washed the crest and buckle to have a more metalic feel.

If you dig the suit design, this is a real nice figure to have. But if 4 inch is not your kinda scale, the Shogun Ranger Fire is also released in a 12 inch figure format as well.