Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Power Rangers Super Samurai 4'' Master Xandred

Though I'm not usually into collecting Power Ranger Villains, the nemesis of the Power Rangers Samurai was an exception. Menacing and really the look of pur evil made me pick this up without a thought.

Packed only 1 per case of 8, Master Xandred is a figure to hunt down if you're completing your set.

The figure has real nice scupt work but fails in the articulation department.
Due to armor and suit design, the movement in most area is severely hindered.
Unlike all the other regular Ranger figures from the line, Master Xandred only lacks wrists articulation, all the other joint are still present.

Black washed the details on the figure and the sword to make it less plasticy looking. All in all, a real nice figure to display with your other 4 inch figures from the line.

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