Friday, January 4, 2013

Power Rangers Super Samurai 4" Shogun Ranger

Happy new Year everybody, it's been awhile since I last posted, after a few months break from action figures, chogokins and Transformers, I'm back again with another Power Ranger Samurai figure blog.
After watching the Power Rangers Samurai on television, the newer season which is now call Power Rangers Super Samurai, the action figures and mechas that appeared in the series are almost complete.

Here's a picture of the 4 inch figures that I have. As for the last wave of the 4 inch line, the stores are either not bring them in or they have completely sold out, so recently, thanks to a friend I just made on instagram, I traded some Bandai monsters for a 4 inch Red Shogun Ranger to complete my collection.
Seriously, the Shogun ranger design has gotta be one of the best suits to date. The figures articulation is much like the other 4 inch figures release. The sculpting of the figure is good but the paint job could be better. Black washed the crest and buckle to have a more metalic feel.

If you dig the suit design, this is a real nice figure to have. But if 4 inch is not your kinda scale, the Shogun Ranger Fire is also released in a 12 inch figure format as well.

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