Saturday, May 7, 2016

lucky find!

Found a red bullmark Gomora from a fellow collector which so happened to have an extra.
B-clubs reissue of the classic Hawaii colors Bullmark mold. Being one of my favorite Ultra-kaijus, just gotta have another of him.

 Standard size which is 9 inches which is my preferred sizing for my vinyls.
Molded in red and painted with some metallic blue highlights and light green.

On the shelf with the bullmark Brown version, the head looks to be looking upwards more for the red version.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Playtoys 50th Anniversary 10" Ultraman

Finally got a Ultraman worthy of my monsters, 25 cm of vinyl goodness.
Released February 2016 by Playtoy HK and comes with superb window box.

After removing from the box, Ultraman came packed with a beautiful insert, resembling some city he's gonna do battle with some kaiju.

Besides the impressive size, this ultraman came with a removeable mask much similar to the vintage bullmark.

The other accessory it came with the henshin device, the beta capsule!

 Here's how the Playtoy Ultraman looks with my monsters.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Yamanaya Bat Seijin

Another Sunday has passed and I finally found another Yamanaya figure. Luckily not a pricey one but still nice piece of vinyl. 

From the return of Ultraman aka Ultraman Jack, here's the alien who sought to destroy mankind with his resurrected zetton, Bat seijin.

A 2001 released figure with 2 color variations, I'm satisfied with this orangey version. The other variation is more of a darker shade and molded in brownish purple vinyl which is slightly more accurate to the show.

Here's how Bat Seijin looks in the show.

Yamanaya figures all came with the same generic blue header card with illustration of some fantasy monsters.

Stands roughly 9" tall with 4 points of articulation, the arms and swivels at the thighs.
Sculpt work is definitly good and the paintjob is excellent.

Definitely hunting down more Ultraman Jack monsters, hope you guys enjoy my collection so far!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Toys before civil war

Just in time for Captain America 3 Civil war, I got a set of  figures from Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron. Made by Crazy toys, a hong kong based company making replicas of Kotobukiya figures and hot toy figures. Yes, they are knock offs of other figures, making a much affordable price for everyone.

Though the figures from the line are from the kotobukiya Marvel now line, crazy toys gave us nicer box art with box sleeves. 

Here's the figure outta the box, easy to snap together parts, Hulk stands 9" tall and has quite a heft in hand. For a knock off the quality is outstanding.
With the price point, this hulk figure definitely does't disappoint though I'd say the green is a tad lighter of a shade for me, almost an exact replica of its Kotobukiya counterpart.
I'm glad I got this figure but be wary, crazy toys is a toy company that did rip of other toys, there are other china companies who's ripping of crazy toys, making replicas of the replica with a slight derpy looking mold. 
Do take note of the box i've pictured here and you're ready to ASSEMBLE!
 (I mean literally assemble the figure)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Neca Burning Godzilla

Neca's rendition of the king of monsters, Godzilla as he appeared against Destroyah.

Neca's Godilla figures boast some nice sculpt work true to show and adding more articulation with ball jointed neck, waist, knees and muilti jointed tail. Swiveled hips, arms, elbows and a moveable jaw.

I can say I feel a tad of heft to the figure, made with solid pvc, the weight is satisfying. 

As for the paint department, the head, fore arms, feet and tip of the tail is molded in regular black plastic.
The body however is molded in orange and painted black, the effect is quite similar to what bandai did awhile back.

The rest of the details like the eyes and teeth are painted in good quality.

Should you get this figure? From the price range and quality of the figure, I would definitely say recommend it, if you feel that the prices for SH monster arts is too high, the Neca route should be an easy alternative if they ever plan to release more monsters.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Transformers KO Reflector

Here's one of the best knock offs around, the Reflector knock off, transformations and mold is identical to the original, the only difference is the lack of diecast and colours.
The bad new of this set is the crappy stickers it came with and the joints, pegs and peg holes needs some filing down to fit better but all in all, it's a great representation of the original reflector set.

Highly recommended set if you cant find the original Reflector or just love to have another wierdly coloured version or just a transformer fan, these sets go cheap and found them at the night bazaars with all the other wierd knock offs.

Power ranger Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord

Based of the Goseigers mechs, Power Ranger Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord is the adaptation of the Japan's Gosei Great.
Currently not released in Singapore, the Megaforce line will be due to be release in May 2013, I got mine through a good friend on Instagram.
I'm not going to do a review on the zords or the combined megazord but this time, I will talk more on the pros and cons of the American release version of Gosei great and the mods that will make the figure better.
First up the Red Dragon Mechazord, the paintwork on the American release is definitely inferior to the Japan released. So painting and adding details will make your set alot cooler.
The rest of the mechazords are lacking details too, here's a pic of the shark, phoenix, snake and sabretooth tiger.

The megazord's head is lacking quite a number of details too, inked in details on the face and added eyeliner on the eyes to make the eyes pop more.

Black washed the crest piece and belt piece to make it look more metalic.

Detailed the tail with silver sharpy and yes i don't have a gold one. The next thing to mod is the flimsy shaky connector joint pieces on the waist and shoulders.
The bad news is it takes abit of work, like dismantling the red dragon mechazord and layering out a few coats of nail polish on the connector pieces.

After all the mods, you have yourself a better Gosei Great Megazord, though not as good as the Japan version, this set is a Gosei great alternative. Price point is alot cheaper and lacks quite a number of detailed paint work with a quite a huge size difference. The zord bulder ports also allows for interaction with all Samurai zords for more play value.