Monday, April 18, 2016

Toys before civil war

Just in time for Captain America 3 Civil war, I got a set of  figures from Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron. Made by Crazy toys, a hong kong based company making replicas of Kotobukiya figures and hot toy figures. Yes, they are knock offs of other figures, making a much affordable price for everyone.

Though the figures from the line are from the kotobukiya Marvel now line, crazy toys gave us nicer box art with box sleeves. 

Here's the figure outta the box, easy to snap together parts, Hulk stands 9" tall and has quite a heft in hand. For a knock off the quality is outstanding.
With the price point, this hulk figure definitely does't disappoint though I'd say the green is a tad lighter of a shade for me, almost an exact replica of its Kotobukiya counterpart.
I'm glad I got this figure but be wary, crazy toys is a toy company that did rip of other toys, there are other china companies who's ripping of crazy toys, making replicas of the replica with a slight derpy looking mold. 
Do take note of the box i've pictured here and you're ready to ASSEMBLE!
 (I mean literally assemble the figure)

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