Monday, June 6, 2011

TFX-04 Protector

It's been awhile since I last posted, since then, I was thinking of posting all the older toys first though I know I won't have time to keep up.
The other thing is my camera is out of order, permanently, so the pictures aren't as good as it use to be. Till I get a nice new camera, the pics were taken with a crappy handphone camera which is bad but not entirely.

This is one of them I missed maybe due to the sheer awesomeness, I plainly forgot, now here's a look at Fansproject TFX-04 Protector.
Upgrade addon kit for Classics/Henkei Hot Rod.

The protector is much as same as the previous releases (city commander, DIA commander), similar box design but in Red.
When you first open the box, protector is transformed into trailer mode. I don't have a classics Hot Rod but I do have the Challenge of Cybertron Hot Rod thus all the pictures are based on this version of Hot Rod.

The colour scheme really matches more with the Hasbro's Classic Hot Rod/ Rodimus then this 3pack one.
Transformation works on any Hot Rod if you dun mind the colour scheme.

The protector trailer also forms add-on armor to make Hot Rod become Rodimus Prime.

Transformation is easy and really crisps no loose parts or mismatched parts, much similar to previous releases by Fansproject, armor clips-on easily and accurately.

After transformation, you get a taller, more anime-accurate Rodimus Prime, now this is an update of the classic Rodimus we all know and love.
Poseabilty of the Protector uses all of Hot Rods existing articulation with new additions on the arms.

The remaining trailer also transforms into a battle cannon/base much similar to the vintage Rodimus Prime.
And the trailer also houses a small 6 wheeled roller-like vehicle which could carry weapons and roll around.

Saturday, June 4, 2011