Sunday, January 30, 2011

Iwakura Soul of Bullmark Godzilla

Iwakura Godzilla Soul of Bullmark set was released in 2004. Figures were miniture replicas of the original vintage Bullmark sculpt, and stands about 3.5 inches tall each. Each figure are sold much like gashapons, meaning, randomly packed into sealed blind boxes so we have no idea which character we will be getting, to me, it kinda sucked but the good news is the possibility of getting the chase figure.

Megalon, my personal favorite next to Mecha goji.




Daimajin (not from the set but looked cool all together)

Jet Jaguar, mine always tilts to one side,  not sure if anyone else's Jaguar is the same or is it just mine.

Not pictured is King Ghidorah, Baragon, Ebirah, Varan, the chase figure is a red Megalon, which im still trying to hunt down. There was also a mini glow version of Godzilla, released with the HyperHobby magazine. Besides, Godzilla characters, Bandai also released Bullmark minis, I'll post mine up when I take pictures of them but for right now, the cameras having some technical problems. There will definitely be more updates on more toys. Stay tuned for more....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marvels Famous Covers Hawkeye

A brief introduction of the character, using nothing but a bow and arrow, Hawkeye has long been a valuable member of the Avengers. Fighting alongside heroes with special powers and incredible abilities, Hawkeye makes up for his lack of superpowers by creating special arrows for his missions. The boxart features the cover of West Coast Avengers #1.

Just like Aquaman and some of the other famous covers figures, Hawkeye also suffers from the sticky, powdery costume syndrome, and just like Aquaman, I washed the costume to get rid of of all the sticky purple paint on the boots and some parts of the costume and arms.

I love the figure but trying to pose with the bow and arrow is tough, still has a few decent poses, the bow does shoots the arrows but without the use of the figure.
I also recoloured the eye part, Hawkeye comes with a bow, 3 arrows and quiver. Unlike other famous cover figures, Hawkeye has a newly sculpted right hand, just for shooting arrows.

The Famous covers line has the avengers team in the line and you can't pass up on Hawkeye, besides the costume flaw, he still hits a bulleye in any display.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


From 2008's Engine Sentai Go Ongers, here's the mechs from the series. Not the deluxe versions, the candy toy versions are more poseable, downside is their size and the crappy stickers that came along. Painting them like model kits may get you damn real cool mechs.
First up, Engine oh which comprises of Speedor (Red ranger), Bus-on (Blue Ranger) and Bearu (Yellow Ranger).
Engine Gattai!! Engine-Oh Tune Up!! Go On!!
DSC04993 DSC04995

GunBir-Oh consists of also 3 vehicles, Gunpherd (Black ranger), Birca (Green Ranger) and Carrigator (both Black and Green Ranger)
Engine Gattai!! GunBir-Oh!! Tune Up! Go On!!
DSC04996 DSC04998
 Seiku-Oh is formed by Go Wing team, Toricopter (Gold Ranger), Jetoras (Silver Ranger) and Jumbowhale (Both Gold and Silver Ranger)
Engine Gattai!! Seiku-oh!! Tune Up! Go On!
DSC04999 DSC05001
G6 Formation!! Engine Gattai!!Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh combines to form Engine-Oh G6
G9 Formation!!! Engine Gattai!!And all of them can also merge to form a Super robot Engine-Oh G9
DSC05006 DSC05005
This is not a bad set, while the single Robot forms has much more poseability, the fully combined form still has a little articulation mainly the arms.
DSC04943 DSC04942
Even though this is not the final combined robot, there's still Kyoretsu-oh which is able to combine with Engine-Oh G9 to become G12DSC04944
The final team of engines are the prehistoric Train Engines driven by the Red Ranger, Kishamoth,
T-liner & K-liner.
Engine Gattai!!! Kyoretsu Oh!!
DSC05019 DSC05020
 The last and final combination formed by all the Engines.
G12 Formation!! Engine Gattai!!! Engine Oh G12!!
DSC05027 DSC05040
 1 DSC05039
Though mine is not fully painted, check out the fully painted one from another collector, thats real cool Mecha!!!
vzkbrd Real sweet paint job!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Aoshima Shin Seiki Legioss Eta AFC-01I Armo Fighter

From the Genesis Climber Mospeada Shin Seiki Legioss Eta AFC-01I  by Aoshima Miracle House. Much similar to the Toynami's Masterpiece editions but with more animated accurate colour. I didnt get the others only the green one....maybe next time....or when theres sale (if theres any hope of a sale for these guys..)
4237_108270216336_653181336_2607110_5926164_n 4237_108270231336_653181336_2607111_6107586_n 4237_108270236336_653181336_2607112_510662_n
When I opened it, the heaviness of the toy is amazing, plane mode or Flight mode is cool, pilots painted with details too....
4237_108270816336_653181336_2607117_1130200_n 4237_108270246336_653181336_2607114_1876922_n
The Ger-walk mode or Guardian mode is so so, maybe due to the fact I dun really like the name Ger-walk, but its another transformation so it makes it more interesting.....The best mode is still the Robot mode or Battloid Mode.
4237_108271251336_653181336_2607124_2241864_n 4237_108270831336_653181336_2607120_8339943_n
4237_108271241336_653181336_2607123_7689777_n 4237_108271256336_653181336_2607125_7025254_n
Not a bad Robot, fair amount of diecast and transformation is ay ok with not much accessories eg: 1 gun and shoulder-mounted gun, its not the slickest of them all but not sumthing thats very bad, the animation was cool thing which made me DIG it, so I couldn't help getting this, the mechas was a huge part of the series.....