Sunday, March 25, 2012

SDX Brave Battle Warriors Ogarasou KanU Gundam

Ahhh another one more, this time I travelled all the way to Tampines Mall, while waiting for a movie ala "Hunger Games", I stumbled upon another Kiddy palace, and curiosity brought me into the store and what do you know, they have a bunch of them on sale....
This time I got the Ogarasou Kanu gundam, the gundam with the goatie...and not to mention a kickass blade staff.
And because of the goatie, the head articulation is very much hindered, the rest of the body is the same as the other figures in the line.

One of my fave character from the animation, nice design, only gimmick he has is the face mask that can repositioned to cover the eyes.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

SDX Brave Battle warriors Ryubi Gundam

I think only one left thats on clearance, one of the first few to be released, Ryubi Gundam.
Ryubi Gundam has the same articulation as the others, maybe slightly more articulation on the arms. 

Ryubi Gundam comes with 2 swords which was the same as the other variation of Ryubi Gundams.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SDX Brave Battle warriors Sou Sou Gundam

Continue with the SD Gundams brought to you by Kiddy palace and journeying all the way from the discount bins, here's another excellent figure from the line. Another Sou Sou Gundam with a real kickass sword.
Same articulation as the others with the worse head articulation from the line, due to the fact that there's a collar hindering the head from turning.

The cape can be attached on the front or back.

And the best part of the figure are the swords, big and gold and besides being one my fave character from the series, the design really clings to me.

yes there's more to come.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SDX Brave Battle Warrior Moukosou Sonken Gundam

Another trip to Kiddy Palace but this I've decided to get them all, not many to choose from, only 4 or 5 characters on discount bin. When I got home, the first one I opened was Moukosou Sonken Gundam, tiger motif with a kickass sword.
I was also very eager to combine it with the Ryubi's dragon chariot.
Articulation is much simlar with the other figures but being the first fiew released, his arm can pose wider and has no hinderance in head articulation.

The shield and sword parts can be stored on the waist and back.

The waist parts combine to the sword to make a long cool sabre.

The shield was stored on the back is actually 3 seperate pieces which can be held by a peg or clipped on the arm.

With the Dragon chariot available with the Ryubi Gundam set, Moukosou Gundam can also merge with the Dragon chariot, transforming into a battle jet with Moukousou Gundam riding it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

SDX Brave Battle Warrior Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam

Yes, I went to Kiddy Palace once again, now this time, I digged the whole pile and manage to find Sou Sou Gundam but the powered up version, perfect to merge with the Ryubi set.
I have to say this is a awesome figure. Same articulation as the others. Accesories are abundant, 2 swords, nicely sculpted wings, gold armor pieces.

The swords combine to form a double bladed staff.

And the reason why I got this figure to finally combine with the Dragon chariot from the Ryusou Ryubi set.

Sweetness, when fully combine wing span is seriously wide, like 10 inches wide, the Dragon chariot also came with a bird faced chest piece for Sou Sou gundam making it fully complete. I love this figure the most from the line, nice details on the armor which has a bird motif, good accesory count and compatibility with other sets makes this a winner on the shelf.....

SDX Brave Sangokuden Kou Mei Gundam

Another trip to Kiddy palace and another SD Gundam from the Brave Battle warriors series, this time its Kou mei gundam.

Packaging design for the individual ones are much better then the Ryuso Ryubi gundam. Similar window box style.

Though much similar to the Ryubi Gundam, the basic figure has same articulation as Ryubi, Kou Mei has real nice details on the armor but has only 1 accesory.  

As for the accesory, it comes with a bird that transforms into a sword fan though not the coolest or epic looking, I'm not majorly disappointed. 

The weapon stores on the back via 2 pegs and holes.

Though not the best of the line at the discounted price of $9.00 SGD, I can't complain.
Stay tuned for more SD Gundams as I hit the discount bins for these cute big head mecha goodness......

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gogo Sentai Super Daibouken

The auxilary zords are in, in continuation with the Gogo Sentai megazord series, here's the 4 vehicles to form Super Daibouken.
The vehicles comes in small windowed box with numbers on the top corner. The back of the boxes features the compatility with Daibouken.

#04 Gogo Drill

#05 Gogo Shovel

#06 Gogo Mixer

#07 Gogo Crane

With the four auxilary zords, Daibouken can use any of them to form arms for quite a number of combos.

Now is time to form Super Daibouken. Drill and shovel become new arms, mixer and crane became new feet while the crane's hook forms a new head piece.

My fave of all the formation, the drill arm and shovel really looks wierd but cool and legs articulation isn't hindered by the new additions. This is neat combo for a megazord much similar to Brave Series Transformer combinations. There was also TRU Japan boxed set for Super Daibouken.
Next Up Gogo Jet....


Gogo Sentai Daibouken

After the major disappointment of the Drivemax Megazord and Dual drive Megazord released last year for the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, finally decided to get the Japan version of Gogo sentai Daibouken.
As the hype has been long gone, got this set a real good price. The basic megazord Daibouken, the auxilary zords and Gogo jet.
First up the box.
 The box is plain with pictures of the toy all over the place.
Toys are house in a hard cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic.
More pictures of the toy on the back, showing individual zords and other formations.

Now on the toy itself, smaller then most regular Megazord, no diecast parts, excellent details on the individual zord with lotsa chromed parts.
#01 Gogo Dump, driven by Bouken Red, forms the main body, head and legs of Daibouken. 

#02 Gogo Formula, driven by the Bouken Black, forms the chest of Daibouken.

#03 Gogo Gyro, driven by the Bouken Blue, forms the back of Daibouken.

#04 Gogo Dozer, driven by the Bouken Yellow, forms the left arm of Daibouken.

#05 Gogo Marine Diver, driven by Bouken pink, forms the right arm of Daibouken.

Besides the regular formation, the bouken vehicles can form Gogo trailer.
And of course, they all form Daibouken...

Not a bad set compared to the US released which really puts the Power rangers Overdrive version to shame, my only complaint is the size is very much smaller then regular megazords but for this level of detail and chrome, this is a excellent representation. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

SDX Brave Sangokuden Shouretsutei Ryuso Ryubi Gundam

Been a long time since I last posted or buy any new toys, yes, I didn't get any new ones for months, preordered toys ( like the upgrade set for Devastator) aren't counted.
My urge got bigger and bigger every single day. At last, I gave in to a on sale item. Nope, not a Transformer, not even close to any superhero or Masked Rider, not even a Power ranger.
It was a SD Gundam, super deformed Gundam mobile suits. Big headed cuteness and ready to strike!! The Brave Sangokuden line of Gundams were based of Romance of 3 Kingdoms characters, though not a big fan, it's on sale so yeah. Kiddy Palace stores at $15.00 SGD for a big box to be exact. The single figures are $9 each.

Ryubi Gundam was based on Chinese Novel hero liu bei, the suit was also designed from a RX-78 Gundam.
Here's the box, front and back

Really normal looking window box housing all the accesories and parts, so on to the figure,
the Ryubi Gundam.....
Ryubi Gundam came mainly assembled with only the shoulder pieces, hair piece, cape and holder for the sword to fix on.

Fully assembled, looks quite accurate to the animation, articulation is basic, with shoulders, wraist, ball-jointed hips and ankles, no elbows or knees, head turns but hindered by the armor.

Thats not all, this set also includes parts to change Ryubi to Ryusou Ryubi Gundam which is Dragon Armored robot with a dragon sword. Here's the parts for the upgrade...

This set also come with some flying dragon platform for the Gundam to ride on, the box also shows some compatibility with other figures. Might get the figures that combine with it.

All in all for $15.00 sgd instead of the usual retail price of $69.90, this set is worth it. Seriously, I was never a big fan of model kits or  a fan of Gundams or SD Gundams but getting this set changed my opinion.  With the amount of accesories, interchangebility, the price is a steal, get yours today at any Kiddy Palace stores.