Monday, March 19, 2012

SDX Brave Battle Warrior Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam

Yes, I went to Kiddy Palace once again, now this time, I digged the whole pile and manage to find Sou Sou Gundam but the powered up version, perfect to merge with the Ryubi set.
I have to say this is a awesome figure. Same articulation as the others. Accesories are abundant, 2 swords, nicely sculpted wings, gold armor pieces.

The swords combine to form a double bladed staff.

And the reason why I got this figure to finally combine with the Dragon chariot from the Ryusou Ryubi set.

Sweetness, when fully combine wing span is seriously wide, like 10 inches wide, the Dragon chariot also came with a bird faced chest piece for Sou Sou gundam making it fully complete. I love this figure the most from the line, nice details on the armor which has a bird motif, good accesory count and compatibility with other sets makes this a winner on the shelf.....

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