Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gogo Sentai Super Daibouken

The auxilary zords are in, in continuation with the Gogo Sentai megazord series, here's the 4 vehicles to form Super Daibouken.
The vehicles comes in small windowed box with numbers on the top corner. The back of the boxes features the compatility with Daibouken.

#04 Gogo Drill

#05 Gogo Shovel

#06 Gogo Mixer

#07 Gogo Crane

With the four auxilary zords, Daibouken can use any of them to form arms for quite a number of combos.

Now is time to form Super Daibouken. Drill and shovel become new arms, mixer and crane became new feet while the crane's hook forms a new head piece.

My fave of all the formation, the drill arm and shovel really looks wierd but cool and legs articulation isn't hindered by the new additions. This is neat combo for a megazord much similar to Brave Series Transformer combinations. There was also TRU Japan boxed set for Super Daibouken.
Next Up Gogo Jet....



  1. thanks, with utter disapointment in US released versions, Im glad I have this!!