Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gogo Sentai Daibouken

After the major disappointment of the Drivemax Megazord and Dual drive Megazord released last year for the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, finally decided to get the Japan version of Gogo sentai Daibouken.
As the hype has been long gone, got this set a real good price. The basic megazord Daibouken, the auxilary zords and Gogo jet.
First up the box.
 The box is plain with pictures of the toy all over the place.
Toys are house in a hard cardboard tray and wrapped in plastic.
More pictures of the toy on the back, showing individual zords and other formations.

Now on the toy itself, smaller then most regular Megazord, no diecast parts, excellent details on the individual zord with lotsa chromed parts.
#01 Gogo Dump, driven by Bouken Red, forms the main body, head and legs of Daibouken. 

#02 Gogo Formula, driven by the Bouken Black, forms the chest of Daibouken.

#03 Gogo Gyro, driven by the Bouken Blue, forms the back of Daibouken.

#04 Gogo Dozer, driven by the Bouken Yellow, forms the left arm of Daibouken.

#05 Gogo Marine Diver, driven by Bouken pink, forms the right arm of Daibouken.

Besides the regular formation, the bouken vehicles can form Gogo trailer.
And of course, they all form Daibouken...

Not a bad set compared to the US released which really puts the Power rangers Overdrive version to shame, my only complaint is the size is very much smaller then regular megazords but for this level of detail and chrome, this is a excellent representation. 

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