Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Ranger sale Part 2

In the morning, I went on to continue searching for the Power Ranger Samurai Sale figures.
Most department stores, don't have a full set of the Samurai rangers, mainly due to the uneven case assortment. Rita Repulsa is all over the place. I picked up a Mega Ranger and Super Samurai Red Ranger.
Only Toys'R'us, carries the later waves of the 4 inch figure line and Bull Megazord, the bad news, Toys'R'us are still selling them at the inflated price. The 4 inch figures are $14.95 Sgd each and the Bull Megazord $69.95 Sgd each.

Still no signs of the shark zord and Hydro bow though the Spin cycles are all over the place, most likely the spin cycles will be on clearance soon....

Power Rangers Samurai Octozord

Here we have the Mega Ranger's Octozord, just like the other auxiliary zords, Octozord was on sale, though Octozord was not a octopus but more of a squid, Octozord was a much cooler name then Squidzord.

Much similar to the others in the line, Octozord came with pegs for the Rangers to ride on. Paint details are not too bad, the only gimmick the Octozord had was the spinning tentacles when you roll it along, besides the gimmick, Octozord is compatible with both Clawzord and Samurai Megazord.
Samurai Octo Clawzord and Samurai Octo spear Megazord

And with all the auxiliary zords, they all combine to form the Samurai Battle cannon.

Overall, the Octozord is a good toy, just with a few minor flaws. Compatibility with the Samurai Megazord, Samurai Clawzord or the other auxiliary zords, makes this a real winner. Lotsa play value and with the sale, Octozord is definitely value for your money.

Power Rangers Samurai Beetle Folding Zord

Another auxiliary zord from the Power Ranger samurai line, this time is the Green Ranger's Beetle zord, available in all major departmental stores islandwide at $26.36 after a 20% discount.
The beetle zord just like the other auxiliary zords has a matt finish on all the orange parts, has a gimmick  when you roll it around the head spins.

Like most auxiliary zords from the line, the beetle zord has pegs for the 4 inch figures to peg on  and "ride". Beetle zord also combines with Samurai Megazord to form the Samurai Beetle blaster Megazord.

The head of the beetle zord detaches to form another head piece for the Megazord, the body of the beetle zord forms a shield.

Now the auxiliary zords also combine to form another configuration with the Beetle zord, Tiger zord and Swordfish zord, altogether they form the Samurai Battlewing.

The Samurai Battlewing is a nice mode, no gimmicks in this mode except that the beetle zord head still spins when you roll it. In this mode, it also combines with the Samurai Megazord to form the Samurai Battlewing Megazord!

Power Rangers Samurai Tiger Folding Zord

Not to be confused with the MMPR season 2 Tigerzord, let's just call it the Tiger Folding zord, here's a auxillary zord controlled by the Red Ranger. With a real inflated retail price of $32.95 SGD, luckily, there's 20% off of the retail price, this figure can be found in most major departmental stores in Singapore.

The Tiger folding zord has matt texture on the plastic even though the plastic is molded in white with painted details. Just the other auxiliary zords, it has pegs for the 4 inch figures to peg on. Tigerzord has a drill action gimmick when you roll it around it's front drill legs will spin.

This auxilary zord is compatible with the Samurai Megazord, combining together to form Samurai Tiger Drill Megazord.

Buying this alone is definitely not worth it but with the combatibilty with Samurai Megazord and the other auxillary zords which makes the play value alot more and with sale price, definitely making Tiger zord value for your money.

Power Rangers Samurai Swordfish Folding Zord

Continuing with the Power Rangers Samurai series zords line, heres's the Blue Rangers Swordfish zord, Retail price was $32.95 Sgd, now with a cool 20% off which is $26.36 sgd is not a bad price for these little animal zords that is compatible with the other Megazords in the line.
The toy has a matt finish on all the blue parts, yellow paint details on the eyes and gold paint details on the tail fin, in swordfish mode, just like all the other auxiliary zords in the line, there are pegs for 4 inch figures to peg on and "ride", it has a tail flipping gimmick when you roll the zord along.

And just like I mentioned before, its compatible with the Samurai Megazord to become the Samurai Swordfish fencer Megazord, providing a new head piece and swopping the yellow ape zord replacing it with the body of the swordfish to form a sword arm.


Or you have a new configuration, the tail slapping mode! To slap the enemies silly.....
As a stand alone figure, the swordfish zord is definitely not worth it but if you have the Samurai Megazord, this is a nice addition to the set making more display options, the other good news is the Swordfish zord is not only compatible with the Samurai Megazord, it also combines with other auxiliary zords and also needed to form the Gigazord.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Clawzord

Another Megazord from the Power rangers Samurai line which is on sale now at $69.90 less 20% at all major departmental stores in Singapore. Another reason to get this cool mecha is that it combines with the Samurai megazord.

The details are not to bad though it could have been worse. I didn't do any touch up on Clawzord except pasting some silver sticker strips around the arm and groin area. The paint details is not that bad compared to the others in the line.

Transformation has quite a number of parts forming which is also needed for the combination with Samurai Megazord. When transformed to the lobster mode, there is 2 pegs on the top for the 4 inch figures to "ride" on which actually looks quite cool.

Clawzord combines with Samurai Megazord to form Samurai Claw-Armor Megazord.

This is a nice robot as a stand alone figure but majorly due to compatibilty with other zords from the line giving it very good play value and looks great on display too and with the sale price, this is probably the bargain to look out for.

Power Rangers Samurai Megazord

Away from the 4 inch figures, gotten this Megazord awhile back when they first started the sale. The Power Rangers Samurai Megazords which had a standard retail price of $79.90 dropped to $69.90 which now has 20% off.
As we all know, due to past releases by Bandai America, disappointment is usual part and parcel but seriously, the current Samurai ones are so much better, I have to give Bandai America props for this line. Let's hope they don't fail us again when the next line comes out.

As usual, the paintwork isn't as high quality as the Japan counterparts, complaining doesn't help so the details needs a little kick start, with  Gundam markers on stand-by, I filled in all the details that the actual toy doesn't have, the other bad news is the lack of the emblem modes which to me isn't a big deal at all.

First up, the Red rangers Lion Folding zord, only missing minor details, panel-lined the side of face of the lion, outlined the eyes black and the PR logos on both sides of the front legs, may get red acylic paint to continue the fire kanji on the back upper part of the hind legs. 

The Pink ranger's Turtle Folding zord has good details, I just panel-line the logo on the left flipper.

Probably my least favorite, Blue Ranger's Dragon folding zord, maybe due to the fact that Bandai America changed the transformation, outlined the eyes and panel-lined the body with a black gundam marker. Sprayed the gold piece to give it a withered effect.

The yellow ranger's Ape fold zord has poorly details face so I touched it up and panel-line the ape's mouth. 

Lastly the Green ranger's Bear fold zord has a green nose, coloured it in and outlined the eyes black, sprayed the gold piece to give it a withered effect.

In Megazord mode, I sprayed the buckle and the gold parts of the head piece for the withering effect, painted the hilt of the sword black.
Overall, I love the outlook of this version compared to Shinken-oh. This is one Megazord thats hard to pass up and now with on-going sale prices, real good play-value, combinable with a number of other zords, what could be better.