Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gigazord aka Samurai Haoh

Yes, finally got the last Megazord from Power Rangers Samurai, the Bull Megazord. Through relentless searches though department stores, finally gave in to the devil's den called ebay.
Yes, it is impossible to find a Bull Megazord in Singapore. Basically the last wave was cancelled due to low sales.

The basic window box is much similar to the other previous Megazord releases.

The Megazord looks cool, slicker then the Japanese counterpart and only a pinch on the wallet.
Looks more humanoid and less brickish look. With the basic Power ranger Megazord articulation, Bull Megazord has poseable arm which turn 360.

In it's bull mode, looks more like a robot lying down, no articulation in this mode but has wheels on the back and the disc are used as wheels too.

Much like the previous Samurai Megazords, paint details is not say the worse but could be alot better, what I usually do is customise them, by using a Gundam marker used for model kits, I panel-lined most of the details on Bull Megazord and the rest.

Now the time, you all been waiting for, the combinations of all 3 Megazords.

Samurai Megazord plus Samurai Clawzord plus Samurai Battle cannon and Bull Megazord equals to Gigazord or Samurai Haoh.

This is an awesome mecha which really looks impressive on the shelf. With the high price on the Japan versions, this is definitely a cheaper alternative. With the major disappointment in the 2007 release of the Power Rangers Overdrive Megazords, this set certainly redeemed credibilty for Bandai America's rendition of the Power ranger toyline. If you love big combining robots and love Power rangers or Sentai, this is definitely is sure bet.

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