Friday, May 18, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Clawzord

Another Megazord from the Power rangers Samurai line which is on sale now at $69.90 less 20% at all major departmental stores in Singapore. Another reason to get this cool mecha is that it combines with the Samurai megazord.

The details are not to bad though it could have been worse. I didn't do any touch up on Clawzord except pasting some silver sticker strips around the arm and groin area. The paint details is not that bad compared to the others in the line.

Transformation has quite a number of parts forming which is also needed for the combination with Samurai Megazord. When transformed to the lobster mode, there is 2 pegs on the top for the 4 inch figures to "ride" on which actually looks quite cool.

Clawzord combines with Samurai Megazord to form Samurai Claw-Armor Megazord.

This is a nice robot as a stand alone figure but majorly due to compatibilty with other zords from the line giving it very good play value and looks great on display too and with the sale price, this is probably the bargain to look out for.

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  1. Great to see another Megazord collector in Sg. My son has a white tiger zord but with missing parts. Hope to see more fron your site. Cheers.