Saturday, May 19, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Tiger Folding Zord

Not to be confused with the MMPR season 2 Tigerzord, let's just call it the Tiger Folding zord, here's a auxillary zord controlled by the Red Ranger. With a real inflated retail price of $32.95 SGD, luckily, there's 20% off of the retail price, this figure can be found in most major departmental stores in Singapore.

The Tiger folding zord has matt texture on the plastic even though the plastic is molded in white with painted details. Just the other auxiliary zords, it has pegs for the 4 inch figures to peg on. Tigerzord has a drill action gimmick when you roll it around it's front drill legs will spin.

This auxilary zord is compatible with the Samurai Megazord, combining together to form Samurai Tiger Drill Megazord.

Buying this alone is definitely not worth it but with the combatibilty with Samurai Megazord and the other auxillary zords which makes the play value alot more and with sale price, definitely making Tiger zord value for your money.

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