Saturday, May 19, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Swordfish Folding Zord

Continuing with the Power Rangers Samurai series zords line, heres's the Blue Rangers Swordfish zord, Retail price was $32.95 Sgd, now with a cool 20% off which is $26.36 sgd is not a bad price for these little animal zords that is compatible with the other Megazords in the line.
The toy has a matt finish on all the blue parts, yellow paint details on the eyes and gold paint details on the tail fin, in swordfish mode, just like all the other auxiliary zords in the line, there are pegs for 4 inch figures to peg on and "ride", it has a tail flipping gimmick when you roll the zord along.

And just like I mentioned before, its compatible with the Samurai Megazord to become the Samurai Swordfish fencer Megazord, providing a new head piece and swopping the yellow ape zord replacing it with the body of the swordfish to form a sword arm.


Or you have a new configuration, the tail slapping mode! To slap the enemies silly.....
As a stand alone figure, the swordfish zord is definitely not worth it but if you have the Samurai Megazord, this is a nice addition to the set making more display options, the other good news is the Swordfish zord is not only compatible with the Samurai Megazord, it also combines with other auxiliary zords and also needed to form the Gigazord.

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