Friday, May 18, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Megazord

Away from the 4 inch figures, gotten this Megazord awhile back when they first started the sale. The Power Rangers Samurai Megazords which had a standard retail price of $79.90 dropped to $69.90 which now has 20% off.
As we all know, due to past releases by Bandai America, disappointment is usual part and parcel but seriously, the current Samurai ones are so much better, I have to give Bandai America props for this line. Let's hope they don't fail us again when the next line comes out.

As usual, the paintwork isn't as high quality as the Japan counterparts, complaining doesn't help so the details needs a little kick start, with  Gundam markers on stand-by, I filled in all the details that the actual toy doesn't have, the other bad news is the lack of the emblem modes which to me isn't a big deal at all.

First up, the Red rangers Lion Folding zord, only missing minor details, panel-lined the side of face of the lion, outlined the eyes black and the PR logos on both sides of the front legs, may get red acylic paint to continue the fire kanji on the back upper part of the hind legs. 

The Pink ranger's Turtle Folding zord has good details, I just panel-line the logo on the left flipper.

Probably my least favorite, Blue Ranger's Dragon folding zord, maybe due to the fact that Bandai America changed the transformation, outlined the eyes and panel-lined the body with a black gundam marker. Sprayed the gold piece to give it a withered effect.

The yellow ranger's Ape fold zord has poorly details face so I touched it up and panel-line the ape's mouth. 

Lastly the Green ranger's Bear fold zord has a green nose, coloured it in and outlined the eyes black, sprayed the gold piece to give it a withered effect.

In Megazord mode, I sprayed the buckle and the gold parts of the head piece for the withering effect, painted the hilt of the sword black.
Overall, I love the outlook of this version compared to Shinken-oh. This is one Megazord thats hard to pass up and now with on-going sale prices, real good play-value, combinable with a number of other zords, what could be better.

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