Saturday, May 19, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Octozord

Here we have the Mega Ranger's Octozord, just like the other auxiliary zords, Octozord was on sale, though Octozord was not a octopus but more of a squid, Octozord was a much cooler name then Squidzord.

Much similar to the others in the line, Octozord came with pegs for the Rangers to ride on. Paint details are not too bad, the only gimmick the Octozord had was the spinning tentacles when you roll it along, besides the gimmick, Octozord is compatible with both Clawzord and Samurai Megazord.
Samurai Octo Clawzord and Samurai Octo spear Megazord

And with all the auxiliary zords, they all combine to form the Samurai Battle cannon.

Overall, the Octozord is a good toy, just with a few minor flaws. Compatibility with the Samurai Megazord, Samurai Clawzord or the other auxiliary zords, makes this a real winner. Lotsa play value and with the sale, Octozord is definitely value for your money.

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