Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Ranger sale Part 2

In the morning, I went on to continue searching for the Power Ranger Samurai Sale figures.
Most department stores, don't have a full set of the Samurai rangers, mainly due to the uneven case assortment. Rita Repulsa is all over the place. I picked up a Mega Ranger and Super Samurai Red Ranger.
Only Toys'R'us, carries the later waves of the 4 inch figure line and Bull Megazord, the bad news, Toys'R'us are still selling them at the inflated price. The 4 inch figures are $14.95 Sgd each and the Bull Megazord $69.95 Sgd each.

Still no signs of the shark zord and Hydro bow though the Spin cycles are all over the place, most likely the spin cycles will be on clearance soon....

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