Saturday, May 19, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Beetle Folding Zord

Another auxiliary zord from the Power Ranger samurai line, this time is the Green Ranger's Beetle zord, available in all major departmental stores islandwide at $26.36 after a 20% discount.
The beetle zord just like the other auxiliary zords has a matt finish on all the orange parts, has a gimmick  when you roll it around the head spins.

Like most auxiliary zords from the line, the beetle zord has pegs for the 4 inch figures to peg on  and "ride". Beetle zord also combines with Samurai Megazord to form the Samurai Beetle blaster Megazord.

The head of the beetle zord detaches to form another head piece for the Megazord, the body of the beetle zord forms a shield.

Now the auxiliary zords also combine to form another configuration with the Beetle zord, Tiger zord and Swordfish zord, altogether they form the Samurai Battlewing.

The Samurai Battlewing is a nice mode, no gimmicks in this mode except that the beetle zord head still spins when you roll it. In this mode, it also combines with the Samurai Megazord to form the Samurai Battlewing Megazord!

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