Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mastermind Creation's Upcoming Hexatron

One of the most long awaited Transformers Generation 1 characters to re-released in plastic glory, the six changer Six-shot or now known as Terminus Hexatron by  the 3rd party company which gave us the Knight Morpher, Mastermind Creations.
Revamped but retaining the G1 aesthatics of the classic character, rumored to be approximately Transformers Movie leader sized figure. The 6 transformations truefully faithful to the original, only difference with the beast mode, not being a flying puma, this incarnation resembles a cyber wolf.

Besides the classic Decepticon, Mastermind creations is also releasing a recolour redecoed Great Shot.
Though the bad news is the retail price would be around $200 USD but the fans of the Generation 1 characters, this should be a must have.

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