Friday, March 16, 2012

SDX Brave Sangokuden Shouretsutei Ryuso Ryubi Gundam

Been a long time since I last posted or buy any new toys, yes, I didn't get any new ones for months, preordered toys ( like the upgrade set for Devastator) aren't counted.
My urge got bigger and bigger every single day. At last, I gave in to a on sale item. Nope, not a Transformer, not even close to any superhero or Masked Rider, not even a Power ranger.
It was a SD Gundam, super deformed Gundam mobile suits. Big headed cuteness and ready to strike!! The Brave Sangokuden line of Gundams were based of Romance of 3 Kingdoms characters, though not a big fan, it's on sale so yeah. Kiddy Palace stores at $15.00 SGD for a big box to be exact. The single figures are $9 each.

Ryubi Gundam was based on Chinese Novel hero liu bei, the suit was also designed from a RX-78 Gundam.
Here's the box, front and back

Really normal looking window box housing all the accesories and parts, so on to the figure,
the Ryubi Gundam.....
Ryubi Gundam came mainly assembled with only the shoulder pieces, hair piece, cape and holder for the sword to fix on.

Fully assembled, looks quite accurate to the animation, articulation is basic, with shoulders, wraist, ball-jointed hips and ankles, no elbows or knees, head turns but hindered by the armor.

Thats not all, this set also includes parts to change Ryubi to Ryusou Ryubi Gundam which is Dragon Armored robot with a dragon sword. Here's the parts for the upgrade...

This set also come with some flying dragon platform for the Gundam to ride on, the box also shows some compatibility with other figures. Might get the figures that combine with it.

All in all for $15.00 sgd instead of the usual retail price of $69.90, this set is worth it. Seriously, I was never a big fan of model kits or  a fan of Gundams or SD Gundams but getting this set changed my opinion.  With the amount of accesories, interchangebility, the price is a steal, get yours today at any Kiddy Palace stores.

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