Monday, April 25, 2016

Yamanaya Bat Seijin

Another Sunday has passed and I finally found another Yamanaya figure. Luckily not a pricey one but still nice piece of vinyl. 

From the return of Ultraman aka Ultraman Jack, here's the alien who sought to destroy mankind with his resurrected zetton, Bat seijin.

A 2001 released figure with 2 color variations, I'm satisfied with this orangey version. The other variation is more of a darker shade and molded in brownish purple vinyl which is slightly more accurate to the show.

Here's how Bat Seijin looks in the show.

Yamanaya figures all came with the same generic blue header card with illustration of some fantasy monsters.

Stands roughly 9" tall with 4 points of articulation, the arms and swivels at the thighs.
Sculpt work is definitly good and the paintjob is excellent.

Definitely hunting down more Ultraman Jack monsters, hope you guys enjoy my collection so far!

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