Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Neca Burning Godzilla

Neca's rendition of the king of monsters, Godzilla as he appeared against Destroyah.

Neca's Godilla figures boast some nice sculpt work true to show and adding more articulation with ball jointed neck, waist, knees and muilti jointed tail. Swiveled hips, arms, elbows and a moveable jaw.

I can say I feel a tad of heft to the figure, made with solid pvc, the weight is satisfying. 

As for the paint department, the head, fore arms, feet and tip of the tail is molded in regular black plastic.
The body however is molded in orange and painted black, the effect is quite similar to what bandai did awhile back.

The rest of the details like the eyes and teeth are painted in good quality.

Should you get this figure? From the price range and quality of the figure, I would definitely say recommend it, if you feel that the prices for SH monster arts is too high, the Neca route should be an easy alternative if they ever plan to release more monsters.

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