Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai Lightzord

After 4 months of the release of the Samurai Lightzord in the states, we down here in Singapore finally get to purchase them. For Japan released toys, we sure get them fast but Bandai America products, it sure takes awhile.
Anyways, finally picked up the Power Rangers Samurai Lightzord.

The packaging is not much different from the othe mini zord vehicles. Blister packed with Power Ranger pics and logos all over.

I just love the light Kanji on the side.

First up, the Lightzord is really small but has enough details to not be a total let down. The robot is not too shabby. The lightzord transforms into it's lantern mode and also the BoA spider mode which never appeared in the show,  I don't really get what they were thinking when made it transform into a spider, well, at least there's slightly more transformations.

Well, at least for me, I display him in lantern mode with Gigazord most of the time. The lightzord is another affordable alternative to it's Japanese counterpart Daigouyo.  The lightzord is nice addition for the other Power Rangers Samurai toys and a good for display with playibilty and enough functionality to be a stand alone toy.

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