Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Konami Justirisers DX Genseishin box Set R03

Hey folks, welcome again, this time we go back in time for a review on the Tokusatsu series Justirisers Mechas released in late 2004. Got them while they were having clearance sales awhile back, couldn't find Ryuto back then but recently just found a real good deal on the star beast on ebay.
So now they are finally complete and I have some free time to post them up.

First up, I have to say is that the boxes are huge, the figures are quite large compared to other Sentai or Power Ranger toys. I will post some comparison shots later but first up is the Star Beast Deluxe Boxed set.

Here's the boxed set of 3 of the main mechas used in most of the episodes in the show. The box measures 13 inches long and 7 inches wide. The box is the usual thin cardboard with portrait pictures of the figures on the front and a landscape picture on back. Figures were packed in white trays much similar to the Gransazer Mechas.

First up is Genseiju Riseross, the main primary mech that combines with any other of the individual Justiriser mechas to form the main body. Riseross had an uncanny resemblance to Kiryu or most of us know as the Neo Mecha Godzilla. Riseross has tonnes of articlulation, ball-jointed head-neck joint, swivel arms and elbows, ratcheted hips and knees.
Included in this box set is 2 more mechas.

Riser Glen's Star Beast Inoh which is flying Red phoenix.

Riser Gant's Star beast kouki is a heavy artillery flying turtle.

Enoh and Kouki can combine with Riseross to form power up versions. The bad news of the set is the mech can't fully combine to form 1 giant super mech. This kinda is a big turn off for some collectors but personally I'm quite alright with the show's design for the mechs.

Ken-Riser is form with the combinations of Enoh and Riseross.

Ken-Riser retains all of Risersoss' articluation on the lower body, Enoh forms the upper torso and has swivelled shoulders and elbow joints. The twin swordds ar stored on the wings of Enoh. Stands roughly 12 inches tall when combined, the cons about this mode, is that the figure is severely back heavy so posing this figure in any dynamic poses is quite hard.

Juu-Riser is formed with the combinations of Kouki and Riseross
Juu-riser uses a unique way of combining with Riseross. Riseross' legs forms Juu-risers arms while Kouki transforms into the head and lower legs. Still has basic articulation but slightly hindered by the transformations, the new shoulder joints are hindered by Riseross' existing skirt pieces but now forms Juu-Riser's claws which are poseable due to transformation.

All in all, the designs for the mech are good though not very original, unique transformations and the size of the mechas are a few good points to consider getting this set.

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