Thursday, October 4, 2012

Konami Genseishin DX Star Beast Ranga R05

Here's part 2 of the Justiriser Genseishin mecha series, Riser Kageri's seishinju Ranga which is a huge blue ninja-ish flying cat. Easily my fave of the set and also due to fact that Kageri is one hot babe. Ok enough of the nonsense, here's the box and all it's glory.
Much similar in design as Genseishin DX boxed set, same thin cardboard with a nice picture depicting the Star beast.  

Star Beast Ranga is quite nicely detailed figure, cast in navy blue with white highlights, real nice colour combination. Measuring almost 6 inches long from head to tail, much bigger then I actually imagined it to be. With heavy ratchets on all of its upper legs and swiveled tail, knees and individual joints on each ankle. The only nitpick I had is the location of the front legs are kinda positioned too back for my liking.

And just like the other Star beasts, Ranga combines with Riseross to form Rin-Riser.

Forming the upper torso much similar to Ken-Riser, retains Riseross' lower body and legs articulation, Rin-Riser has ratcheted shoulders, elbows and swivelled wrist joints, the cons is that Rin-Risers shoulders has no outward articulation but still able to do the signature howling burst and typhoon slice poses easily.

Star Beast Ranga as a stand alone figure is definitely not worth anything even with it being on mega clearance sale price, the true joy has to be the compatibility with Riseross. If you have the chance to get the boxed set, Star beast Ranga is a must get.

Stay tuned for one more Star beast to round up the set.

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