Sunday, October 7, 2012

Konami Justiriser DX Star Beast Ryuto R07

The final mech from the series, the two headed robotic dragon, Star Beast Ryuto, which I missed out at the clearance sales awhile back. Still manage to get a hold on one via the ever popular ebay.
Still the same box style but for Ryuto, the box was alot fatter maybe due to the fact that this figure is huge.

Star Beast Ryuto is quite a big figure, the wings and the heads very much reminds me of mecha Ghidorah from a certain Godzilla movie. The articulation is not to shabby too, Ryuto has 3 swivels on each head, ratcheted upper legs and foldable wings.
The only problems, I had with Ryuto is when it's dragon mode, the tail and the feet can't seem to be flush to ground making a awkward gap when standing.
And being primary casted in white coloured plastic, Ryuto will definitely turn yellow in time.

Star Beast Ryuto also has a compatiblity with Riseross. They combine to form dragon-like robot called Justi-Kaiser. This has to be the best combination this line has to offer.

Justi-Kaiser when combined is always 14 inches tall, the legs transforms which adds more height and also makes the existing knee joints more usable. Riseross' legs forms Justi-Kaisers arms with huge claws and the head sculpt has a Gaogaigar-ish King Jder resemblance. All in all, this is a great figure to have, good size, not too simple transformation and excellent display piece, for any Power ranger or sentai collector, this may be a good piece to have in your collection.

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