Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transformers Armada TRU Japan Magna Convoy

Another lucky find from Ebay, at the mere fraction of the price, I finally got a Toys R Us exclusive Magna Convoy, a repainted Armada Convoy or Optimus Prime.
I didn't plan to get him, I was just browsing through Ebay and wham, I started to bid on it and won it at $25. Yes, a leader class toy at $25. Enough said, here's the pictures.
First up let's look at the Alternate mode, the semi-truck with trailer.
The cab actually came with clear smoke stacks which are missing on mine hence the cheap price, but still looks good without them.

As for the gimmicks, Magna Convoy or Armada Convoy has an auto-transfomation which is activated when you semi transform the cab section. The one I've got, has non-working electronics, so for transformation is all manual done which I'm fine with, I wasn't a big fan of the gimmick to begin with. 

The Cab section transforms into an Optimus Prime too. Just love the paintjob on this version. Red Eyes, red mouth plate and a off blue greyish hue on it's body.

The chest still has the matrix of leadership molded inside.

Magna Convoy also came with a minicon Sparkplug which was originally yellow but got repainted in Gold chromed. Similar transformation with nothing new added just repainted gold.

Time to form Super mode Optimus Prime. The cab and trailer combines together to form the super mode.

Wasn't a big fan of the first release of the Armada Optimus Prime but ever since I've gotten Magna Convoy, it really changed my mind.
Magna Convoy makes a real nice display, standing at 13 inches tall, he's just slightly smaller then Unicron.

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  1. I bought the whole set new somewhere around 2003. I have no idea actually why I bought this seeing as I am not into non-G1 transformers, but this set has consistently remained an absolute favorite of mine. From the amazing artwork of the box to the coolness of the red transparant-ish Ultra Magnus and the gold mini-car all the way to Prime himself who is 'transformed' from his crappy Armada mode into DX style, this is one hell of a TRU Exclusive.

    A pity you didn't get the complete set. It's worth it and if you ask me ridiculously underrated among the fans.