Thursday, December 8, 2011

Transformers DOTM sale items

Yes, finally the Transformers Dawn of the moon deluxe figures are on sale, prices slashed down more than 20% in most of the major departmental stores here but the mose significant price slashes has to be OG's sale, which had the deluxe figures going for $50 Sgd for any 3 thats $16.66666667 Sgd each.

The ones to grab first are as follows, Roadbuster, Sideswipe, Lunar Fire Optimus Prime (and yes, this exclusive is on sale too!) and laserbeak.
And the rest mainly, Bumblebee, Mudflap and redo-Ratchet are quite abundant.

Seriously, I recommend taking a look at some of them and remember the sale doesn't last forever...

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