Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contructicons upgrades sets

Hey there once again, yes, it's the holidays and I'm on leave since last friday, relaxing and chilling at home is great but too much of it is just god damn boring, anyways, as most of you should have known, recently, there has been Transformers encore releases of the classic constructicon sets and to keep up with neo-image of our beloved classic characters from the original series, a number of upgrade sets has been coming up with upgrade sets to spice up our old G1 Devastator.

Here's a Generation 1 Devastator in IDW comics, staying true to the original 80s cartoon.

Transformers Encore Constructicons set


1) Crazy devy Construction brigade power-parts Upgrades

The slightly higher priced sets and sold individually, comes with lightup eyes with slight molding problems on the
thigh attachments.

2) Junkion Blacksmith #07 Power of destruction Encore Upgrade

Also comes with light up eye feature, comes with 2 heads, one G1 accurate, much similar to Crazy devys but cost much less and comes in 1 gift set.

3) CHMS XP-01 Add on kit
Much like Junkion Blacksmiths version with slight retooling on the hips and chest piece, same gimmicks, light up eyes and comes in one giftset. The cheapest of all sets available.

They are all good sets, I've yet to decide which set to take, most likely CHMS version as the quality is quite ok and pricewise the most economical, will definitely post up full review of the set when I get any of them.

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