Saturday, December 24, 2011

Energon Scorponok

Hey there folks, yes, I'm back again for another rant on Christmas eve, as we all know with Christmas around the corner, I was doing some spring cleaning and of course Christmas decorations, I happen to come across a dusty 7 year old Energon Scorponok Transformer hidden behind one of my shelfs.

I transformed it and the shoulder panels snapped. I didn't realise it first until when I moved the arms and find them rather looser then before.

As I know I'm not the first to encounter this problem so to everybody who has an Energon Scorponok and hasn't snapped theirs yet, DO take NOTE to transform the arms gently.

The problem is most like a design flaw and most of us has this problem but not to fret, I repaired mine.

Using the left-overs of a Generations Red Alert, I took the arms elbow hinges and attached them onto Scorponok's shoulders, glued on the remains of his existing shoulders and there he is.
Doesn't fit really flush and due to the weight of his gigantic claw arms, the joints are loose but he still transforms and has wider shoulders. Just in case, here's a side to side comparison below with the customized version on the right and regular one on the left.

The Alternate mode does suffer abit as the front pegs don't close in flushed leaving a small gap near the cockpit area.

Just another small modification and customisation, actually if the panels didn't crack I wouldn't have done anything to it. You can say it was more like repairing then customizing. Well, that's all for now, will be posting more figures, robots and updates soon.
Happy holidays fellow collectors!

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