Friday, December 23, 2011

Transformers Generations Wave 9

Due to the fact of the overflowing of Transformers Generations deluxe class figures still stuck at our local departamental stores, sad to say, wave 9 figures might not be hitting the friendly shores of Singapore.
Not the first case of toys not arriving here, I remember loads of action figures and Transformers too awhile back, examples, Armada Skywarp, Transformers animated Blackout, Yugioh Jumbo Obelisk the Tormentor, to name a few.... with the unlikelyhood of these figures appearing to any of our local departmental stores, collectors will have to shell-out a limb and hand for them.

Case assortment includes:
1 X Warpath
2 X Wheeljack
1 X Kup
2 X Skyshadow
2 X Junkheap

The ones to take note is the remolds of Wreckgar and Thunderwing or Junkheap and Skyshadow respectively, recoloured with new head sculps All and all, that's kinda like a bad news to me, was kinda looking forward to have another Junkion to add my collection, skyshadow isn't bad too, guess it's ebay time for me again.

Anyways, wrapping up another year of sweet plastic love, may all your dreams come true,
have a lovely Merry Christmas to all you fellow collectors out there.....

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