Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brave Revival Legends Great Might Gaine Perfect Mode

Brave Revival Legends is a series of updated versions of the toy series that appeared in the "Brave Fighter" series telecasted for 8 years (1990-1998).
Using the same models, coloring and labels are more refined in this new re-issue.

Released by Takara in 2008, there were single boxed versions of BR- 02 Might Kizer,  BR-01 Might Gaine and BR-03 Might Gunner, BR-04 is the Gift set which consist of all three, nice packed in one huge box. I gave up searching for them one by one as I'm missing Might Gunner, so I sold off the 2 and gotten this instead and seriously this is one epic robot, simply love it to bits, if ain't a fan of vintage 80's design this isn't your cup of tea but if you are, this is a sweet topping for any collection.

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