Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fansproject Causilty CA-05 Backfiery (Not Kickback)

Finally, I finally got the final figure of the Not-insecticon team by the Causality line by Fansproject. CA-05 BackFiery or effectionately known as Kickback by G1 fans. As most of us Transformers fans remembered the Insecticons as these trio of energon raving, bug transfoming army of drones, Fansproject has done it again by giving us another excellent revamp of the classic threesome.
Seriously, after opening the toy, this has to be the best releases to date though the insect mode is not something to brag about, the robot mode is really superb with real excellent articulation and poseabilty.
 It's a real nicely done representation of the insecticons though Im not really drawn to the back story of each of them. All and all, If you're a G1 fan or really love cool robots, this one is worth checking out, to me, highly recommended unless you're on really tight budget as these guys don't come cheap.

(added reprolabel's Decepticon insignias)

And I have to give props to the place I got them from, real cool toyshop with lotsa cool stuff.

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Do check them out!!

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