Friday, November 18, 2011

Jungle Fury with Geki Power!!

With the Power Rangers Samurai no airing on local tele and overwhelming abundancy of toys from the series, some local toy shops are also selling Jungle Fury Megazords are great sale prices.

Recently, I've gotten these.

Jungle Master Megazord or Geki fire which was sold at $40 SGD at Chinasquare Central.

And if you think that was a good price, not too long ago, Jungle Pride Megazord here was SGD$23.00 (YES, $23 SGD) at OG departamental stores islandwide.
And to round it off, some Jap Geki Ranger Zords which are shockingly compatible with the US counterparts.

One of my faves, Geki-wolf.

Geki-Shark, I'm quite keen on Geki-bat and maybe just maybe, I may complete the line.

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