Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 1

  Here's another sentai series with another big mecha. Since 2010, Tensou Sentai Goseigers is one of the few Sentai series that we have yet to get a Bandai America treatment. Though I didn't really catch all the episodes, I managed to recently acquired a Japanese Gosei machines set at a bargain price.

First up is the first main mecha, Gosei Great.

The Gosei Headers are used to summon the Gosei machines,  when the headers attached themselves to various vehicles to become Gosei machines.
Gosei Great comprises of 5 mechas which combine to form one robot.

Gosei Dragon header combines with a airliner to form Gosei Dragon which is control by Gosei Red.

Gosei Blue's header combines with a submarine to become Gosei Shark.

Gosei Pink's header combines with a fighter jet to become Gosei Phoenix.

Combining with a bulldozer, Gosei Yellow's header becomes Gosei Tiger.

Gosei Black's header merges with a Bullet train to become Gosei snake.

                                             "TENSOU GATTAI GOSEI GREAT-TO!!"

Not a bad robot mode, nicely porpotioned and like most sentai robos, articulation is limited. Gosei Great only has arm articulation and the tail and neck of Gosei Dragon form the Dragon sword.

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