Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tensou Sentai Gosei Machines 2

Next up in the Gosei Machines, Gosei Ground. Comprising of 3 headers, Gosei Groundion and Knight brothers, Sealeon and Skyon.

Groundion header also transforms in Gosei Knight.
Groundion header combines with a dump truck and becomes Groundion which is Gosei Knights main mecha.

This header combines with a cruise ship to become Sealeon.

Combining with a blimp, the header becomes Skyon. My skyon has a pair of wings missing, I bought it as it is.

Tenson Combination Gosei Ground!

Gosei Ground has both land sea and air capabilties, this combination looks not too bad, porpotion are alright, I don't really dig the head dress though, articulation is limited to the arms just like Gosei Great.

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