Sunday, September 11, 2011

OG sale items

Hi peeps,
Here's my latest haul, not everything here, since I've gotten them way back ago, just to point out, these are some of the items which are on 20% off and clearance at OG department stores.
The Transformers Generations ones are highly recommended as there were restocks of some harder to find figures and what else better, they are 20% of retail price.
Here's whats available:

Yup, it's a real good time to complete your collection, thanks to the sale, but head on quick, popular and short packed figures namely Warpath and Wheeljack are definitely the one to grab. Follow by any of the seekers, the most abundant is War for Cybertron's Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. I picked up a spare warpath, Skullgrin and another Scourge (we can never get enough of the sweeps).

Next up, the Bandai Masked Rider Den-O figures are on Clearance, ranging from 30- 50% off retail.
There were lotsa figures from the line but I strongly suggest getting the Souchaku Henshin figures, the only bad news, there were only 2 Souchaku Henshin on sale, Den-O Gun form and Masked Rider Zeronos Vega Form. Nontheless, they are both really good figures which I picked up as well.
With Diecast armor and unlike the past previous releases, the head swap gimmick has been scrapped but replaced with new improved body much similar to SHfiguarts.

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