Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Sundays haul

Another trip to the toyshops and here's what I got, by the way, all are really good deals to me I think, well, first up to satisfy my transformer urges, I've gotten 3 figures, and finally completing the characters from animated line and eagerly awaiting the Transformers Prime line, here's it is.

Leader class Megatron

Voyager Class Bulkhead

And I also picked up a Cybertron Excellion from my friend Nelson, kinda love the mold after comtemplating to get all the molds, I finally decided to, besides Excellion was just in a unresistable price that I just got to have it.

And last but not least, I also have a thing for Power ranger Megazords. Bandai recently or sorry, not so recently released a Joint Gattai series of Megazords, gimmicks involves interchangable parts and somewhat transformable 7 inch Mechas,  the one that really drew my eye was Zyuranger's Daizyujin or Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Megazord.
I grew up with the series so its only natural to have gotten it.
Retail price was $39.90 though no special sale price on it but I gotten it anyways. Yup, thats the Sundays haul. Have a nice SUN-day, though I think its gonna rain anytime now, but well, I got my goodies so I can chill with them anyways...cheerios

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